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These are places that need help, and these are places whose leaders have taken ownership of the problems and the international community's investment will be productive. We intend to be vigorous advocates, asking the international community to do more. (Quote by - James Morris)

True leadership is the art of creating and clearly communicating your vision, hope, passion, inspiration and the journey you will take your team members on. (Quote by - Patrick Driessen)

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher praised the pontiff's role in toppling communism. Millions owe him their freedom and self-respect. The whole world is inspired by his example, .. His life was a long struggle against the lies employed to excuse evil. By combating the falsehoods of communism and proclaiming the true dignity of the individual, his was the moral force behind victory in the Cold War. (Quote by - Margaret Thatcher)

I was more excited about the community support than anything else and how the team was representing its community. (Quote by - Roland Hedgpeth)

I've had superintendents tell me 'Joe, you're right. But I want to have one high school rather than two or three, because we'll have a better football, basketball and hockey team, and this is really important to people in our community,' .. So one of the things is, how does the community feel about sports? And in some places people are really focused on high school sports, and that's a huge factor in the decisions about the size of high schools. (Quote by - Joe Nathan)

He's decided the African-American community is more important to his re-election than the Jewish community. He doesn't care about ending discrimination. (Quote by - Bill Brady)

We know that our ability to effectively communicate, along with our skills in using computers and other information technologies, are very important in our efforts to improve people's health and well being. With these initial investments in four new Centers of Excellence, we hope to identify new tools, approaches, and strategies for managing health records, bringing together disease information from different places, understanding the questions and concerns of patients, and educating people about ways to improve their health. The more we learn about when and how to use health communication and electronic information systems, the better able we'll be to meet the needs of people in the community. (Quote by - Julie Gerberding)

Paragon, which is at the core of our Community Care Program, provides our customers with functionally rich, integrated applications on a platform that is easy to learn, efficient to use and quick to implement, while providing a low cost of ownership. With the Community Care Program, we have packaged Paragon with solutions that meet the unique needs of community hospitals and we will continue to rapidly and cost effectively develop new solutions that will help our customers fulfill their mission. (Quote by - Duncan James)

We really need grassroots support to make this happen. The YMCA belongs to the community and is run by the community with a board of volunteers from the community. (Quote by - Trudy Pieper)

It's a real special race. You meet people from all over. You share sweat and distance and miles together, .. We call it a LOTOJA community -- a community that is bigger than most of the communities we pass through. (Quote by - Mike Caldwell)

This has increased with the tremendous technological advances in communications. We have a vast new world of images brought into our sitting rooms electronically. Most of the images of reality on which we base our actions are really based on vicarious experience. This has increased with the tremendous technological advances in communications. We have a vast new world of images brought into our sitting-rooms electronically. (Quote by - Albert Bandura)

Stand-alone systems for messaging, communications and collaboration are quickly converging, while at the same time information workers are spending more time away from their offices. Now more than ever, presence is becoming an essential part of the communications infrastructure, giving customers choices and preferences for interacting with their co-workers. With Communicator Mobile, mobile users can set their presence information via their cell phone or engage in IM group chats from their handheld device, all the while controlling how their calls are routed. (Quote by - Irwin Lazar)

Men and women belong to different species, and communication between them is a science still in its infancy. (Quote by - Bill Cosby)

First of all, it?s very good news. We have begged and pleaded with the captors to release her, as a community. The community sent a delegation to Jordan, actually, then to Iraq, to pursue the release of Jill Carroll. The community is very happy that she has been released. I think that the captors have realized the mistake that they?re making, I hope. I don?t know what they released her, but I am glad that they did. (Quote by - Osama Siblani)

Once again, victims of disaster have turned to the UN and the international community in their time of need, .. The world needs the UN's leadership in these times, and the UN needs the world's support. We are communicating with the UN and its agencies to learn where UN Foundation funds may be of greatest assistance to the UN's relief efforts. (Quote by - Ted Turner)

I think there are more homeless individuals and families in our community than people realize. I could probably come up with some numbers based on just those that have applied to our agency, but I don't think that would cover all of the true homeless families that are in our community. (Quote by - Patti Preston)

Each mind is pressed, and open every ear, to hear new tidings, though they no way joy us. (Quote by - Edward Fairfax)

The Open AIM program will provide online businesses, Web sites and third-party developers everywhere with direct access to one of the largest and most active online communities in the world. We are extremely excited to see the creative new ideas that developers will bring to the table. Together, we will usher in a new era in real time communications services, offering consumers increased choice and making it easier than ever to connect and communicate online. (Quote by - Kevin Conroy)

It's time to start thinking of parents and families as community builders and not just as service recipients. While the craniofacial community may be small by comparison to other health issue communities like heart disease or cancer or diabetes, we are nonetheless a community. Do t underestimate individuals with facial differences or their parents what they have learned in their lives can be put to meaningful use to help others. (Quote by - Debbie Oliver)

Good communications, written or oral, begins with an understanding of the audience. If you can get inside their heads, you can find a way to connect. (Quote by - Debra Bennetts)

The community will continue to be invited to participate in the planning and realization of this transformation of their community's art museum. (Quote by - Phil Vollmer)

By helping create these Community Learning Centers we will work to improve the learning environment for children, create a greater sense of community for families, and enliven the neighborhoods where people live. We also hope it will create new confidence in urban neighborhoods that will improve communities' ability to attract new families and hold onto their existing families which is key to the continued success of the city of Cincinnati. (Quote by - Chad P. Wick)

Majorities are of two sorts: (1) communal majority and (2) political majority. A political majority is changeable in its class composition. A political majority grows. A communal majority is born. The admission to a political majority is open. The door to a communal majority is closed. The politics of political majority are free to all to make and unmake. The politics of communal majority are made by its own members born in it. (Quote by - B. R. Ambedkar)

It varies by community. At (one local community) we've never offered them. But at most communities, we offer 2 or 3 percent off base price. (Quote by - Roger Lewis)

A master communicator can either set his audience free or imprison them. (Quote by - Jeffrey Benjamin)

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