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These attacks are against a particular community: the Latino community, which is my community. And that's one of the many reasons we say these are racist organizations. (Quote by - Enrique Morones)

Leo left a wonderful legacy. He was always involved in every aspect of community. He was wonderfully community-oriented and he raised a family that way. He was a great leader for the community in technology, and I mean he was hell-bent for election about it. He was an excellent administrator, very organized. He saw to it that things got done and a lot of the time, he did it himself. He had a wonderful sense of humor and he was wonderful to work with. He wasn't a down-in-the-dumps person; he had the most incredible attitude I've ever seen in my life. (Quote by - Janice Farinon)

It?s a sad time in our community. We?re a small community, and we handle things differently in small communities. (Quote by - Gerald Brown)

With eight banks in a community of 10,000, you almost have to scratch your head and wonder. But this community spends like a much larger community. (Quote by - Greg Dixson)

I think the Super Bowl actually helps people understand what a sports team can do for a community in terms of coalescing that community. We hope to be back in your championship in a very short time. So, I think it's helpful. (Quote by - Ken Sawyer)

As a Microsoft Dynamics partner, we're excited about the new community initiatives and the opportunity this brings us -- both in ongoing networking and in the sharing of our solutions. Our business is designed to constantly innovate, solving customer problems along with Microsoft Dynamics. This community gives us a way to share solutions among other partner and customer community members in real time. (Quote by - Mike Gillis)

After all, when you come right down to it, how many people speak the same language even when they speak the same language? (Quote by - Russell Hoban)

The Internet gives them direct access. It even allows them to segment their audiences so they can communicate with potential recruits, with those who are already in the organization, and with broader sympathetic audiences as well as their enemy. They can do .. modern marketing and these communications have enabled them to be very, very effective and they've been increasingly adept in exploiting this. I don't think we have yet fully fathomed the sophistication of their communication strategy. (Quote by - Brian Jenkins)

The response from the community has been phenomenal. We raised more than $40,000 that can be put into the foundation for scholarships, and that's what it's all about -- the community helping the community. (Quote by - Ruben Estrada)

For a community to truly flourish, it must first understand that its strength relies on individuals. (Quote by - Ed Dron)

There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community, and communication. Try the experiment of communicating, with fullness and accuracy, some experience to another, especially if it be somewhat complicated, and you will find your own. (Quote by - John Dewey)

Community support of our program is outstanding. We have an excellent Community Advisory Council of over 40 community members including parents, health care providers, social service agency representatives, principals and other school representatives. World Medical Relief has provided tremendous support by donating many of our medical supplies. (Quote by - Claudia Corbin)

It's often very hard to try to guide communities in positive directions. I think they failed here. Cleary the issue blew up, causing more community difficulty. And I also think they sent a bad message to that community. (Quote by - Ron Meiners)

While any decline is encouraging, we remain concerned because too many people continue to act out their anti-Jewish hatred. We have always said that America is different, that the Jewish communities here are fortunate to be largely immune from the kind of anti-Semitic violence experienced by some European Jewish communities. The numbers remain sobering because we know from painful experience that it only takes one incident of anti-Semitism to affect an entire community. (Quote by - Abraham H. Foxman)

The kids have surpassed our goal of $5,000. We are so very proud of them all. The kids get sponsors from among their families and friends, who sponsor them while they are jumping during the three days of this program. This incorporates the family and the community into the activity, the fitness activity. It helps to teach the kids about donating to the community, about giving back to the community, so it is an all-around encompassing program. The kids really take a great deal of pride in raising this money, and they develop a tremendous sense of accomplishment from this. (Quote by - Jennifer Pehmoeller)

Our vision for unified communications breaks down today's silos of communication and brings them together into an intuitive experience that puts people at the center. By ensuring interoperability with business-grade communications capabilities from leading providers, we can extend the power and flexibility of software to improve phone-based communications. (Quote by - Zig Serafin)

I think you have to be blind to realize this isn't a good thing for the community. We want people to come to Oil City and see the artist community and see its neighborhoods. .. We're very serious about doing things top-of-the-line so we better the community. (Quote by - Paul Richard)

Although at times we are challenged with capacity issues, our physicians and staff continue to work tirelessly to meet the needs of our community. We ask for the community's patience and support as we acclimate to the increased demand. (Quote by - Phyllis Peoples)

It represents the commitment we have to the arts, .. This is a commitment to the community -- the University community and the Charlottesville community. (Quote by - David Neuman)

We applaud Ford Motor Company for taking such a firm stand on behalf of our community - pledging to continue support for our community's organization and events, and increasing - not decreasing - its advertising in our community's publications to include all Ford brands. This is a very positive, welcome outcome. (Quote by - Matt Foreman)

Today, communication itself is the problem. We have become the world's first overcommunicated society. Each year we send more and receive less. (Quote by - Al Ries)

The relationship is the communication bridge between people. (Quote by - Alfred Kadushin)

We heard everybody dances, and we wanted to have dances too. We want to tell the whole community that we are an Indian community. I want to let the community know who is living here in the Valley. (Quote by - Manjit Singh)

The lesson from Hurricane Katrina was communication, communication, communication, .. Public safety has to be a priority. Then we can go to constituents and start talking about investments that have to be made in upgrading the networks. (Quote by - Mufi Hannemann)

Sun is delighted to have received these awards from Developer.com as recognition of the advancements we are making to the Java developer community. By working closely with the Java developer and open source communities and incorporating their input within our technology, we have continued to build on the overwhelming success of Java and of Sun's Java technology. We truly appreciate the community's involvement in these advancements and we look forward to continuing our collaboration and success. (Quote by - Jeff Jackson)

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