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I think it was our communication on defense. When we do that, we're at our best. When we don't communicate, we get our butts whipped. It's just that simple. In the first half, we weren't communicating properly and they were having their way with us. In the second half, we went to the zone and communicated better, and the result was a 20-point win. (Quote by - Sam Cassell)

It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong. Ralph Nichols. (Quote by - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

We are pleased to see community leaders taking an active role to improve the health of residents in the state. As healthcare professionals, we recognize the need to have community leaders who will develop programs to encourage an environment that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. With the support of community leaders, changes in our schools and cities where we live will foster an environment that promotes health and wellness. (Quote by - Dave Helwig)

Without Trust, Communication and Honesty in any relationship - There is nothing to build upon.. (Quote by - Paulette Sedgwick)

She is a great community service person. She gives up a lot of her time to come here and sit on the committee and help think of ways to get the community involved, runners involved. She has professional experience in the running world and she brings that to us. Visiting Nurses Service & Hospice of Suffolk appreciates and feels privileged and honored to have her assist with our race. She really is a great lady. (Quote by - Patrice Gardner)

Faster communication does not predict success. It actually predicts quicker failure, because you are distracted by the constant multi-tasking. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

These are the communications of Allah which We recite to you with truth; then in what announcement would they believe after Allah and His communications? / Woe to every sinful liar, / Who hears the communications of Allah recited to him, then persists proudly as though he had not heard them; so announce to him a painful punishment. (Quote by - quran)

It's a community event. Community events create strong communities, and a strong community is a healthy community. A healthy community is a happy community. (Quote by - Sandy Smith)

Communicating with employees, customers, vendors and the communities where your company operates is just as important as communicating with the media. (Quote by - Lee Brody)

But communication is two-sided - vital and profound communication makes demands also on those who are to receive it.. demands in the sense of concentration, of genuine effort to receive what is being communicated. (Quote by - Roger Sessions)

Now it's more a foundation to the community arm of the club. We're now using the dinner to support things in the community. (Quote by - Rick LeLacheur)

Many communities throughout the nation still do not have the communications infrastructure in place for first responders to communicate with one another during an emergency. (Quote by - Susan Collins)

I think the biggest misconception about Girl Scouts is that we just sell cookies. A great amount of what we do is community service. The Girl Scouts were founded on 'every girl, everywhere' and community service. People don't realize that we are doing community projects all year long. (Quote by - Joyce Elliott)

Today's indictment was not the end of what we have done. It's chapter one of this investigation. We recognize the community of Appalachia is a very good community. The citizens want Appalachia to become the best community possible. (Quote by - Tim McAfee)

It's basic politics. Mr. Jennings did not deliver the services to the community that the community deserves, .. The community was aware of it, the community deserves its fair share and it wanted someone who could respond to their needs. (Quote by - Thomas White)

The grapevine is always in operation, unless you count on it for an important communication. (Quote by - Barbara A. Reilly)

Communism works, if everybody stopped carring about money. (Quote by - John Smith)

It's very important for the future of our community. Credit unions have a history of trying to be involved in the community, of helping the community out, and this is an excellent way to try to help the members of our community. (Quote by - John Smith)

The Community Builders Tour is an important effort for Timberland and its partners in creating a lasting, positive change in the community. We believe that everything we do has an impact on the communities in which we live and work -- and as a responsible corporate citizen, we must actively and positively engage in those communities and inspire others to do the same. It looks like Americans, especially young people, are hearing that message loud and clear. (Quote by - Jeffrey Swartz)

To victimize a child, .. to essentially breach a position of trust .. is of great concern to the community. [It] makes the entire community concerned about the safety of its public places. (Quote by - James Boyd)

With the proper revisions, this bill will support the important work that charitable organizations do in every community in our country. It will also advance ethical conduct within the charitable community. (Quote by - Diana Aviv)

I think it is time for the community to start really working collaboratively. When the (IVGID) board of trustees hired me they asked me to get involved in the community - and I'm passionate about being involved in the community. (Quote by - Bill Horn)

Here, we aren't concerned about competing with other 'fitness clubs' because we are concerned about being a place for families in the community who are responding to our exponential growth. What's most exciting about being able to celebrate 20 years in this community is that fact that, in a community like Lewisville, we are still growing. (Quote by - Bryan Eck)

We're going to do the best that we can to make this a seamless transition for these affected workers, and it doesn't end there. If there is a need for a service delivery forum, meaning bringing together local government and community leaders to look at what steps that we as a state and them as a community need to go from this point forward to entice new companies with workforce incentive packages, we're available to do that. It's not just the day of the impact. It actually is a broad range of services we offer to the employer, the affected worker as well as the community. (Quote by - Myra Beatty)

You can also search for homes in that community. You will see homes for sale in that community, agents in the community and that community's focus and interest all in the same place. (Quote by - Tim Higgins)

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