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I don't recall having, in recent memory, anything remotely resembling this kind of an event where the need is to bring back a group of people dispersed by a calamity. It signifies not only a healing for their symphony and what they've worked for. It also represents the larger community of New Orleans musicians. That's exactly what people there are wanting to do. They want to put their community back together. And that community needs to heal with what the arts can give the heart and soul. (Quote by - Mark O'Connor)

You understand our first priority, of course, was to test everything that is on our price list, and having gotten that out of the way, we've begun looking at the products in our installed base as the testing resources become available. What was communicated [previously about 4.10] was that we're not going to do this, when what should have been communicated was that we don't know whether we can get to it or not. (Quote by - John Slitz)

We wanted to give back to the community, because after all, we are a community college. We want students to attend but also the general public. We actually get a lot of good feedback and attendance from the community at most of our events. But we want to raise even more awareness. (Quote by - Steve Cooper)

It appears that you (Bracken County) may be involved in the American Community Survey, which is part of the Census Bureau's effort to streamline and improve the census, and will replace the long form in 2010 and provide communities a vibrant, moving picture every year instead of once every 10 years. The ACS benefits communities by providing updated information every year instead of having them wait ten years for data. (Quote by - Magdalis Lopez)

We have a fairly sizable Muslim community, a fairly sizable Jewish community and a large Christian community, but they have remained fairly isolated from each other. (Quote by - James Buchanan)

Our objective was to take our No. 1 recommendation who would be best for our kids and our community. With the history of Carlisle football, we want someone who is going to be dynamic and a community person. I think Carlisle has been looking for someone they can rally around, someone who will be charismatic with the community. (Quote by - George Null)

At Bank of America, we recognize that in order for a community to remain healthy and economically vibrant, we need to invest in that community by promoting and creating neighborhood excellence. Through our support for the Neighborhood Excellence 400, we can demonstrate the company's model for creating positive change in neighborhoods and communities through private partnerships, philanthropic investment, volunteerism and community development. (Quote by - Rick Parsons)

Having that kind of support from our student body and from the community, the George Mason community and the Fairfax community, even the whole D.C. Metro Area has kind of adopted this team. We're all just loving it. (Quote by - Jim Larranaga)

It's something imbedded in me (that is) imperative both in the community and the real world. My role here is to try to communicate that there's a definite impact on the environment. Businesses are going to have to be open to environmental issues. (Quote by - Coryne Tasca)

I have the students for six hours a day. The community has them for 18 hours, plus prenatal and early childhood. I don't believe the schools create (the achievement gap), but our responsibility is not to add to it. We won't eliminate the gap until the community makes education a priority, but the schools can't wait for the community to do its part. (Quote by - Wendy Robinson)

We want to emphasize community. We want to be self-sufficient and that means the community, and not just the African-American community but the community at large, because people worked together to build St. Petersburg. (Quote by - Jacquie Small)

Chiefs talk about community policing, and (they) believe it is counterproductive to initiate community policing and have their officers live outside the community. (Quote by - John Gilchrist)

You need only drive around some of our communities to see over the last several years, the last several decades, some of our communities have been in decline. The perception out there is that he's not actively involved in rebuilding communities and doing better for them. (Quote by - Paul Walsh)

The fantastic advances in the field of electronic communication constitute a greater danger to the privacy of the individual. (Quote by - Earl Warren)

Communications server momentum is here now. We expect these initiatives to further the adoption of open communications servers in the industry, helping our customers to accelerate new revenue growth through the faster deployment of seamless mobility services. Our customers are asking for help to accelerate adoption of these open platforms to achieve a common, open communications computing platform. (Quote by - Wendy Vittori)

Just the fact that we've been able to have the community serve together in a way like never before. What can you say, what can you do but say thank you to the community, a huge thank-you to the community?. (Quote by - Kevin Wilson)

The most significant and poignant part of the event is it's our chance every year for the entire synagogue community, federation community and general community to come together for one magnificent day at one magnificent event. (Quote by - Alan Katz)

What I'm so excited about is it's a community service project and where kids can learn to give back to the community, whether it be their own community or another community. (Quote by - Michelle Nelson)

Most men had rather say a smart thing than do a good one. John P. Kotter, Leading Change. (Quote by - Josh Billings)

Las Vegas doesn't allow ( tourism ) to dictate the social norms of their community. We don't have to be a boring town that no one is willing to come to. ( But, ) we can't let tourism be the reason for not taking action. Accountability is not there. As a community we can be different. We don't have to be what our visitors are. We can work at policies that will make us a vibrant healthy resort community. (Quote by - Eric Thomas)

The nation voted us to power to see unity and communal harmony, not for any division or communality. (Quote by - Khaleda Zia)

We really mean the 'community' part of the community center. This is a center that should benefit everyone. (Quote by - Ron Thomas)

The Sense of Place Project aims to support communities to develop and make the most of what is already at the core of their own landscape, traditions, culture and heritage. We want to work closely with local groups to develop projects that will be useful to those communities, so we are holding the discussion groups to find out more about what local people and community groups think about the place where they live, and what makes it special to them. In other words, what gives them a 'sense of place'. (Quote by - Neil Wilson)

The idea behind it is that good communications are up to the communicator, understanding the person they are communicating to as well as themselves. (Quote by - John McLaughlin)

I'm sure that the community wants to do everything they can to help out. We are an extension of the community and we are trained to help so in a since the community is sending us to help. (Quote by - David Carr)

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