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In community relations, you don't know for years the effect you've had. Building good relations is like nurturing a friendship over years. In a crisis, you can turn to your friend in another ethnic or religious community and say, 'I need your help.' Bill has been just a master at this kind of community building. (Quote by - Jonathan Levine)

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. (Quote by - Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

Every community should be ready to respond quickly. (The task force is) set up in a way that every community is set up to respond to their community. Because we've got the structure in place, we can respond quickly and we can be flexible in order to respond to what the needs are. (Quote by - Julie Martineau)

Communications is everything. I wanted to revisit the various types of communications systems that we have to make sure that we can talk to the right people at the right time. (Quote by - Mark Premo)

The system allows users to find potential technology and financial partners, suppliers and collaborators from each event and then connect with one another and explore collaborative business and technology opportunities. This is a totally new system and we're very encouraged with the pre-conference registration and use. The goal was to provide a tool for these communities to interact before the face-to-face meetings but also provide the online community platform that would allow them to continue throughout the year. The system enables a global, 365 day a year, protected collaborative community environment. (Quote by - Matthew Laudon)

The world of web-based voice communications is exploding - to consumers' great benefit. We're excited to offer the simplicity and freedom of peer-to-peer voice communications by combining Philips cordless phone technology with Windows Live Messenger. The VOIP433 handset with Windows Live Messenger delivers on our vision to extend integrated Windows Live communications beyond the PC. We're very proud of this product and service and are thrilled to be working with such a strong partner. (Quote by - Blake Irving)

The whole community is in shock. Robert and Jimmy are very important members of this community, as are their families, and I think nobody in the community can imagine that they could have been involved in this crime. (Quote by - Robert Sherman)

Communicate, communicate, and then communicate some more. (Quote by - Bob Nelson)

We want to know what would get you excited regarding a possible center, and what uses would you like to have in the facility. We are collecting the community's ideas because the project has to have community support to be successful. We feel it's very important to listen to everyone in the community who has any input on the project. (Quote by - Ryan Sims)

As we worked through the entire process, we tried to do all we could to accommodate the community. This is indeed another way to accommodate the community. This could have been much more litigious. We decided not to go this route. .. We definitely don't want to be in a situation where we're at odds with what elected bodies asked of us .. what the community asked of us. (Quote by - Roderick Scott)

I've never seen before the last six months the interest in investing in this community, locating in this community. I believe this can be the strength and vitality of the community, and it's a real priority. .. We're really on the brink of good years ahead. (Quote by - Mayor Gary Wescott)

Community ed is driven by the needs of the community, .. If I put a class out there and the community doesn't show interest in it, then I have to cancel that class. (Quote by - Patricia Houston)

We would never ask our communities to vote one way or the other. We have far more respect for the Muslim community to know that the way they vote is how they see Canada, not just a narrow community. (Quote by - Tarek Fatah)

Communication is a key strategy, both human communication and technical communication. (Quote by - Helene Nelson)

We have to encourage uptown communities to twin with downtown communities. Every inner-city community has leaders and vision; what they need is guidance. We have to do it to make Jamaica better. (Quote by - Howard Hamilton)

We are proud and delighted to work with Chicago's educational and recreational leaders within the Latin American community. We are determined in our goals to help create a better environment for many gifted students and athletes through our Foundation and community programs so that they can enjoy a better and more productive life. The Hispanic community and the Mexican American community in particular have greatly supported us for nine years and we are happy to be able to give back. (Quote by - John Guppy)

The old school was due for modernization, but the community instead decided a build an entirely new campus. Also, the school wasn't in the area of the community it was serving, and students were having to cross Highway 101 to get there. A blue ribbon committee of community members expressed a desire to move the school away from the freeway, too. (Quote by - Steve Bolman)

Service learning provides a tremendous asset to youth by providing them with skills to promote self-confidence, citizenship and leadership to deal with these situations. Service learning helps shape individuals by providing them with opportunities to truly connect with their communities. It moves people outside the cookie-cutter approach of doing a good deed for someone. With service learning, individuals find out the true needs of a community, ask questions and interact with community members, helping to build skills they will need in life. (Quote by - Nicole Webster)

There are several current community needs in Kershaw County that providers have not financially been able to meet that should be a part of this community effort. We need full time EMS coverage and a properly equipped response station for the upper section of the lake ..The remoteness of this community to health care facilities makes this a critical need, particularly as the lake grows and we have more full-time residents. (Quote by - Gary Faulkenberry)

It's obviously going to be a fantastic showcase of hockey communities and the hockey culture here in Canada. The history of the league and the game itself was built by players from communities throughout Canada. (Quote by - Ted Saskin)

Effective problem solvers must exhibit patience combined with resolve To be an effective problem solver one must overcome obstacles to communication. (Quote by - William Stier)

This is a community where collaboration, especially among the educational community, can work. Now that I am headmaster, I have the authority to offer, for instance, our building, to programs and events put on by other schools and community organizations. (Quote by - Steve McKibben)

We're already well into the process of meeting with community and faith groups to help them see how they can access broader resources down the line. What's constant are the communities and the churches in those communities. Long term recovery will be their responsibility when other support organizations have gone. (Quote by - Tim Johnson)

These communities have done an excellent job of removing pollutants from wastewater and complying with their permits to the degree they've been able to help expand local recreational opportunities. These communities, the operators of the facilities, and city leaders all have a right to be proud of their commitment and performance in carrying out this important responsibility. (Quote by - Roger Larson)

Prayer is communication. If prayer is boring or pointless then the relationship is dry. (Quote by - kim booher)

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