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The University of Bridgeport had the perception that Paul had psychiatric issues and discriminated against him based on that perceived disability. (Quote by - Paul Lewis)

The jobs number doesn't change the perception that the U.S. economy is working through the slowdown and that it will continue working it out for the rest of the year. (Quote by - Bob Lynch)

The perception in the marketplace has a tremendous impact. (Quote by - Richard Fleming)

There's a growing perception that 4.5 percent is not going to be the peak in the current cycle. (Quote by - Jeremy Stretch)

If people don't see water, their risk perception is lower. (Quote by - Lloyd Dixon)

I just think it?s so important for people to know their history and to know where they came from. It helps you understand yourself better and it gives you a clearer perception of your life and your family. (Quote by - Charlene Johnson)

The minority status of the institution is a legal matter. But there is a general perception that AMU is a minority institution. (Quote by - Natwar Singh)

There's this perception that we don't like playing with Iverson or something, and that's not the case. I still can't figure out how he can miss that many days and come back and play like that. (Quote by - Kyle Korver)

I don't know if it matters. It might help the perception some, but it doesn't change the football. (Quote by - Jimmye Laycock)

There's a perception in Indiana that there's no such thing as native people, that they're all dead or all living on reservations out west. (Quote by - Jim Miller)

The perception that the wicket was flat played a part. (Quote by - Ray Jennings)

Some were unhappy with the tax going up. Some didn't like the concept. Some felt that the proposal didn't address their perception of the problem. (Quote by - Niles Bruno)

You have a Fed that is obviously going to move to 5 percent on May 10, while the majority of the recent data have surprised to the upside, and there is a growing perception the Fed may have to go even higher. (Quote by - John Canavan)

While we all have our own perception about what is going on that is filtered through our experience, there is at the bottom the simple truth, which is what I look for. (Quote by - Michael Ramirez)

A gloss is a total system of perception and language. (Quote by - Talcott Parsons)

Our shooting has not shown up here. We are a really good shooting team in gyms, in high school gyms. Up here is a different atmosphere. The depth perception is different. (Quote by - Paul Lancaster)

We're trying to change the perception of Tropicana Field and the fan experience ... to be friendlier and more inviting. (Quote by - Matt Silverman)

Clearly the perception out there is that we shouldn't be doing too much of that copy protection stuff. (Quote by - Sir Howard Stringer)

There seems to be a wide disconnect between the headline growth numbers and individual perception about the relative health of the economy. (Quote by - David Joy)

Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you'll see them all around you. (Quote by - Jon Bon Jovi)

Our perception is that an online education from a reputable college or university is as valuable as the degree offered on-ground. We don't differentiate between the two. (Quote by - Alan Fisher)

The majority has already been turned down, and the rest have the perception they would be turned down. (Quote by - Luz Gomez)

Spain's strong consumer spending is backed not only by job creation but also by a significant rise in debt, and to an extent by the perception of higher wealth gains from soaring housing prices. (Quote by - Carmen Nuzzo)

One of the reasons is the perception that these products are very expensive. (Quote by - Javier Ismodes)

There is much discussion within the SEC about how Sarbanes-Oxley may be imposing a greater cost than anticipated. Perception can be every bit as important as reality in financial markets. (Quote by - Paul Atkins)

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