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Stress is a mental and physical state resulting from the perception that the demands on oneself are greater than one's ability to meet the demands. (Quote by - Pamela Edwards)

The adjustment of reality to the masses and of the masses to reality is a process of unlimited scope, as much for thinking as for perception. (Quote by - Walter Benjamin)

The problem is, forget whether it's real or not, there is a perception that it creates a blight. (Quote by - Michael Weiner)

I'm not claiming there's anything approaching objectivity about this film. It's a corrective to the perception of Rudy and the miracle of crime reduction in New York, Rudy and the miracle of 9/11. (Quote by - Kevin Keating)

Nobody wants it right next door. These are the type of offenders ... who are not a true danger to the community, but there's a perception that they're still inmates. (Quote by - Steve Reynolds)

The market has the perception that the economic policies will continue. (Quote by - Nuno Camara)

We need to get better ball control, but we feel we're getting better. The whole team has the perception that we're a different team than even a few weeks ago. We've got a good shot to play well against Long Beach State. (Quote by - Tom Peterson)

A finely tempered nature longs to escape from the personal life into the world of objective perception and thought. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is - as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art. (Quote by - Josef Albers)

In many cases, it's all about managing perception. Most people aren't following the games closely enough to really question the number given, and that higher number tends to create the perception that it's a hotter ticket than it's actually been. (Quote by - Paul Swangard)

There certainly seems to be a perception that you can do this and suffer no consequences. The easiest and best solution is to take our operators right out of that equation. (Quote by - Jim Houlahan)

No doubt the perception of these whales has changed from something to be feared and destroyed to something to be hugged. And now along comes too much hugging. (Quote by - Ken Balcomb)

There is a broad perception that for the tribunal to effectively perform what is expected, it is extremely difficult that it would be located on the territory of Lebanon. (Quote by - U.N. Legal Counsel Nicolas Michel)

I told my guys that perception and pedigree means nothing. Production means everything, and we're in the production business. (Quote by - Dave McGinnis)

The Citigroup deal did mean a lot to bankers across all types of spectrums, ... The perception is that bigger is better. (Quote by - Diana Yates)

Bob's big challenge is developing the perception within his own system that buying proprietary funds won't hurt you. (Quote by - Geoff Bobroff)

The perception that there's trouble in the Middle East drives oil prices higher. (Quote by - Dan Gillespie)

The perception has been growing that it is better that there be a clear line of distinction between the people the board hires and the people hired by the corporation. (Quote by - Paul Hodgson)

In our conversations with executives outside the region, we still hear the perception that crime is still a problem. (Quote by - Tim Priest)

There is a perception problem, a gap between the way things are in Russia and the way they are seen in the west. (Quote by - Oleg Biryulwov)

The market's slight disappointment with the figures may reflect a perception of lower profit leverage to the higher sales growth together with another indifferent quarter in the medical division. (Quote by - Simon Smith)

There still is a perception among some people that he... doesn't want to go to court and will settle. (Quote by - Tom Mesereau)

The brain is the citadel of sense perception. (Quote by - Pliny The Elder)

We just brushed the surface. The perception is that we ran a lot of blitzes, but we didn't. We had some success with our base stuff, so coach didn't have to call many blitzes at all. (Quote by - Vonnie Holliday)

You can only be in so many places so often. Mystery shopping is a great way to get organized feedback on ticket times, food quality, customer perception of value and all the service points you're trying to hit. (Quote by - Steve Todd)

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