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The perception of the audience is the interesting part. If the audience doesn't hear what is going on, is it going on or not? (Quote by - Robert Fripp)

The perception that homeless people come here from other places has allowed a sense that it is not really our problem. (Quote by - Mitchell Netburn)

They're different with No.25. He changed their attitude, their whole perception. (Quote by - Eric Young)

I don't know if one day could change the perception of me or not. I seriously doubt it. I'll try to stay humble about it. (Quote by - Cody Ross)

With the exception of weapons of mass destruction, there is no other type of attack that is more effective than suicide terrorism. The perception is that it's impossible to guard against. (Quote by - Bruce Hoffman)

The largest obstacle is the battle of perception. Whenever you say, 'Oh I am building a flying car,' there is always the guy in the corner snickering. (Quote by - Carl Dietrich)

I should choose to be happy. You can choose; you can just throw a switch since, your whole life, it?s just in your brain anyway. It?s just your perception of it. (Quote by - Matthew Caws)

There is neither Self-knowledge nor Self-perception to those whose senses are not under control. Without Self-perception there is no peace; and without peace there can be no happiness. (Quote by - Bhagavad Gita)

Perception does not match reality. People don't want to admit they're doing terrible. (Quote by - Jay Zagorsky)

You see one of these things and it changes your whole perception of reality. (Quote by - Craig Woolheater)

The earnings implications are probably immaterial, but perception of UPS as a new economy supply chain information provider is real. (Quote by - Ed Wolfe)

When a film is created, it is created in a language, which is not only about words, but also the way that very language encodes our perception of the world, our understanding of it. (Quote by - Andrzej Wajda)

We don't want to get into a negative conversation with the mayor. Our concern was purely perception - people thinking buses had done anything wrong. (Quote by - Michael Thomas)

Do not become paralyzed and enchained by the set patterns which have been woven of old. No, build from your own youthful feeling, your own groping thought and your own flowering perception. (Quote by - Lotte Lehmann)

Perception is everything. Mariah was totally seen as the underdog because those albums were considered failures. (Quote by - Mimi Valdes)

The perception among a lot of customers is that nobody understands Microsoft products like Microsoft. Many of them want the security of that direct relationship with Microsoft. (Quote by - Dwight Davis)

The problem is there is that perception, ... Unfortunately, it bleeds down from adults to their children, but when you bring someone into the classroom to share the stories of success, we change perceptions. (Quote by - Sally Adams)

The thing with Ramu, my character, is he wants to come to America to succeed. He almost exploits a perception of society that they see, a perception of him and what he knows and what he can offer. (Quote by - Jimi Mistry)

But the perception of life as an organic unity is a slow achievement, and depends for its growth on a people's entry into the main current of world-events. (Quote by - Muhammed Iqbal)

There's this perception that the roads are paved in gold here and that we have plenty of money. A lot of people don't believe there's no money and that's unfortunate. But it's pretty straightforward. (Quote by - Dennis Packer)

You change that perception by going out and winning. (Quote by - Chris Lowery)

The perception here is that traffic on the Internet was weak and, definitely, Yahoo!'s numbers are going to be used as a proxy or benchmark for the other players in the space. (Quote by - James Preissler)

As men of inward light are wont To turn their optics in upon't. (Quote by - Samuel Butler (1))

In my view there is an appearance of a conflict of interest, or at least the perception of a conflict. (Quote by - Steve Ward)

No doubt, because Drew is a leader. He's going to walk in there and automatically change the perception of that franchise. (Quote by - LaDainian Tomlinson)

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