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It's important from a public perception standpoint. They won't want to hear it was a Category 3. (Quote by - Mark Powell)

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible. (Quote by - Jonathan Swift)

There was a perception that a major change had to happen. (Quote by - Rob Helm)

The media's perception of the rift between Jim and O.J. is just not accurate at all. They have a very cordial relationship. (Quote by - Yale Galanter)

There's a definite perception that people would be unwilling to invest or are nervous about that. Although, frankly, if people invest in tobacco companies, then I don't know. Not my place to be a moral judge. (Quote by - David Card)

It is what it is, unfortunately. It has highlighted the importance of long-term maintenance, and it has affected public perception. (Quote by - Bart Bryant)

To see what is right, and not do it, is want of courage, or of principle. (Quote by - Confucius)

It's a perception issue, ... It's the way the public perceives our investigation of our own officers. (Quote by - Ricky Boren)

The clearsighted do not rule the world, but they sustain and console it. (Quote by - Agnes Repplier)

The perception that these hormones protect the heart was so strong that many doctors were prescribing it to prevent heart disease. (Quote by - JoAnn Manson)

In the perception of a tree we can distinguish the act of experiencing, or perceiving, from the thing experienced, or perceived. (Quote by - Samuel Alexander)

There is a perception among Muslims that the U.S. sees Islam as a threat ... which sparks suspicion between one another. I hope the visit can repair ties and create a condition of mutual respect. (Quote by - Masdar Mas'udi)

The fact is, the perception that it is a 'fait accompli' was put out there by Democrats from the start, which has served to dampen grassroots energy out there. (Quote by - David Sirota)

Therefore we believe there is really no basis for the continued perception in the minds of the public that an unreasonable request will be made on businesses around Sabina Park to take down their business signs. (Quote by - Robert Bryan)

Our first battle and biggest concern has been to overcome the perception that the water quality is not safe. Long-term, the longer we're out of the market, the harder it's going to be to rebuild our market share. (Quote by - Ewell Smith)

We've looked for the constitution to be a national pact, and the perception now is that it's not. (Quote by - George Casey)

Stocks in the financial and consumer discretionary sectors look particularly vulnerable as the perception is that inflationary pressures will keep mounting and the Fed is not done with raising rates. (Quote by - David Joy)

There has been a very positive reaction to our open formats, although there's still perception from some quarters that we're the enemy of open source. That's just not the case. (Quote by - Alan Yates)

The market is more inclined to the perception that US interest rates will rise further. (Quote by - Ryohei Muramatsu)

One can only take the view that Microsoft's perception is that the damage must be very significant, or they simply wouldn't be holding out in this way. (Quote by - Chris Bright)

As great scientists have said and as all children know, it is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception, and compassion, and hope. (Quote by - Ursula K. LeGuin)

I've got a different perception now and it's really enjoyable to be at this point in your life and be able to watch this. (Quote by - Nolan Ryan)

The common perception is it only happens to people who aren't paying attention. (Quote by - Thomas Jones)

I personally agree with the perception that this has been a fast-track process .... The process needs to be fair and some of this just doesn't appear to be very fair. (Quote by - Deni Scrudato)

The study shatters the perception that culture is no longer an issue once people gain wealth. (Quote by - John Simpson)

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