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The popularity of disaster movies expresses a collective perception of a world threatened by irresistible and unforeseen forces which nevertheless are thwarted at the last moment. Their thinly veiled symbolic meaning might be translated thus: We are innocent of wrongdoing. We are attacked by unforeseeable forces come to harm us. We are, thus, innocent even of negligence. Though those forces are insuperable, chance will come to our aid and we shall emerge victorious. (Quote by - David Mamet)

Any natural or man-made disaster .. could really wipe out many of these animals. (Quote by - Brian Gorman)

It's the nature of the disaster. This is far beyond anything we've ever done in this country. It's beyond our immediate capabilities for sure. (Quote by - Bill Lokey)

America has the greatest reputation in the world for helping others whenever and wherever disaster strikes. Now, more than ever,it's important for us to contribute to those who are in need. Your assistance is really beneficial and will be greatly welcomed and appreciated. (Quote by - Bob Knight)

The overall damage caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita has shown them to be the greatest natural disasters to oil and gas development in this history of the Gulf of Mexico. (Quote by - Chris Oynes)

War is a series of disasters which result in a winner. (Quote by - George Clemenceau)

The data we get from that and over the next few days will go toward justification for a presidential disaster declaration. (Quote by - Ed Teixeira)

We will have an agriculture disaster portion. (Quote by - Saxby Chambliss)

I see America spreading disaster. I see America as a black curse upon the world. I see a long night settling in and that mushroom which has poisoned the world withering at the roots. (Quote by - Henry Miller)

The disaster in New Orleans is not an act of god, .. This is an act of man. The federal government refused to spend the money to improve the levees. (Quote by - Benigno Aguirre)

Failure is simply the non-presence of success. But a fiasco is a disaster of mythic proportions. (Quote by - Orlando Bloom)

We have raised a lot of money. But we're still helping people with disaster relief efforts for the Oklahoma City bombing -- and that was six years ago. (Quote by - Darren Irby)

Rejection would be a disaster for the U.S., but ratification alone will not end our problems in Iraq. Even if the constitution is ratified, the insurgents are not going to lay down their arms. (Quote by - Andrew Bacevich)

Representatives from the company were present answering hardball questions in the Sago disaster. I don't see why Massey doesn't give us the same privilege. (Quote by - Chris Stratton)

It seems after the disaster many good things and blessings happen,. (Quote by - William Jackson)

Taxing less and spending more.. it's fun in the short run, but it's a recipe for disaster. (Quote by - Bill Clinton)

It is not enough to remove Mr. Brown from the disaster scene, .. The individual in charge of FEMA must inspire confidence and be able to coordinate hundreds of federal, state and local resources. Mr. Brown simply doesn't have the ability or the experience to oversee a coordinated federal response of this magnitude. (Quote by - Barbara Bush)

This is such a huge disaster we're not going to be able to prevent all of this. (Quote by - Tamara Faulkner)

We say, sorrow, disaster, calamity. God says, chastening and it sounds sweet to him though it is a discord to our ears. Don't faint when you are rebuked, and don't despise the chastening of the Lord. ''In your patience possess your souls.''. (Quote by - Oswald Chambers)

Anytime you have anyone who thinks he or she has God in their pocket, you have the potential for disaster, .. Throughout history, the claim that God is on your side has been used to justify any action, no matter how violent or destructive. (Quote by - Charles Kimball)

While recent natural disasters emphasize the need to plan for catastrophic events, businesses can be disrupted by more frequently occurring crisis including fires, floods, power, utility or technology failures. (Quote by - Dan Nelson)

It's a little unfair to attribute the problem to lack of disaster management. If Singapore or London faced a downpour like what Bombay had last week, I would imagine the situation won't be much different. Those cities also would have been shut. (Quote by - Abheek Barua)

NEW YORK In southern Mississippi this week, Church World Service (CWS) disaster responder Tim Johnson says the agency is helping community groups begin to organize long-term recovery resources for Hurricane Katrina and Rita's most vulnerable survivors, but, .. long-term recovery looks a long way off for many along the Gulf Coast and even farther inland. (Quote by - Tim Johnson)

A public pool would be a disaster. Public pools in the city are a huge problem. It would be like having a mall there. My personal preference would be a three-story glass museum for art shows and rotating exhibits. (Quote by - William O'Donnell)

The disaster that we are observing lays bare the tremendous class stratification of our society,. (Quote by - Bryan Fair)

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