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The Bay Area is probably better prepared than most urban areas for a natural disaster. But it's not prepared enough. (Quote by - Chris Poland)

This is going to be the most expensive natural disaster that's hit the United States in history. It's really quite phenomenal. (Quote by - Thad Cochran)

When you have the worst disaster in American history, you've got to be attuned to expectations,. (Quote by - Charles Krauthammer)

By no means would we send people to a disaster shelter that was not ready to accept them. (Quote by - Bruce Carter)

People are being generous and I want them to but every penny that comes in here marked disaster goes to disaster. We don't keep anything locally for overhead. It all goes to disaster. (Quote by - Salvation Army)

I mean, the Lord told me it was going to be A, a disaster, and B, messy, .. I warned him about casualties. (Quote by - Pat Robertson)

I had seen people who had lost everything and everyone they loved to war, famine, and natural disasters. (Quote by - Chelsea Clinton)

One of the reasons they chose us is lack of natural disasters. (Quote by - Christine Mackay)

As ever, women and children will bear the brunt of this disaster. (Quote by - Bjorn Ljungqvist)

It's not just about terrorism. We have Interstate 81 and rail lines which make transportation disasters a possibility. People shouldn't think because we live in a smaller town we don't have to worry about civil preparedness. (Quote by - Cheryl Weaver)

If it doesn't cure cancer or solve inner city poverty, it'll be viewed as a disaster. (Quote by - Alex Turner)

Any time there is a natural disaster, FEMA is trotted out as an example of how well government programs work. In reality, by using taxpayer dollars to provide disaster relief and subsidized insurance, FEMA itself encourages Americans to build in disaster-prone areas and makes the rest of us pick up the tab for those risky decisions. Americans should not be forced to pay the cost of rebuilding oceanfront summer homes. (Quote by - Cato Institute)

This thing is a disaster for the industry. People are closing all over the country. A lot of people aren't going to last. Maybe not us, too. (Quote by - Bill Groethe)

I think the Titanic disaster has parallels today. The closest think I can think of is the silicon chip.. We're all kind of bowing to this computer god, thinking it's going to fix everything and we're geniuses for inventing this. And, you know, I just think we should pay attention to disasters of the past. (Quote by - Billy Zane)

In general, very few people are prepared for any kind of disaster including disability, which doesn't require a hurricane. (Quote by - Arthur Stein)

We in Los Angeles, who have ourselves been helped to stand up - to recover and rebuild after a disaster - want to help the families and communities of the Gulf Coast,. (Quote by - Antonio Villaraigosa)

Just having been through the double catastrophic disaster, we learned not to make any assumptions about preparedness. (Quote by - Debbie Wing)

Through extensive disaster and business resumption planning and heroic efforts by corporate and local employees, we managed to sustain the highest levels of customer service in the aftermath of the hurricane and to achieve a full recovery of operations in record time. (Quote by - Andrew Fraser)

This designates who would be the lead agency for each disaster,. (Quote by - Don Hudson)

I was not very happy after the disaster that happened to Olga. The bronze medal that was shifted to me didn't make me feel happy. I wasn't there for the flower ceremony. I wasn't there on the medal square. And today will be the compensation. I will feel all the happiness that I missed. (Quote by - Albina Akhatova)

Getting enough energy to satisfy the needs of the developing world without bringing on an eco-disaster is not going to be easy. It will require a marriage of science and technology with good international policy, something that is always hard to bring off. We need to get it right this time. (Quote by - Burton Richter)

I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: if there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God, you just rejected Him from your city. (Quote by - Pat Robertson)

Protecting our homeland from terrorist attacks and natural disasters must be the first priority of our federal government,. (Quote by - Chet Edwards)

I thought he wasn't going to run and it was going to be a disaster, but Cornelio said he had plenty of horse and he was just cruising. He knew more about him than I did. It's hard to tell through binoculars. He manages to handle things smoothly and he's an absolute pleasure to train. (Quote by - Barclay Tagg)

There was nothing in Cobb County to coordinate disasters. Cobb Disaster Recovery has done all the hard work. (Quote by - Bob White)

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