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The constitution is not only a disaster for a lot of the people who share the secular democratic perspective, whether Sunni, Shiite or Kurdish. It's also leading to some version of a sharia state . . . not necessarily a theocracy but certainly a state where there is a dominant role for Muslim clerics. (Quote by - David Mack)

America's humanitarian concern for foreign victims of natural disasters or civil strife is being abused by President Bush when he extends legal status to foreigners in the US when there is no reason that they could not go home safely. (Quote by - Dan Stein)

Oregonians do not have 72 hours notice of a pending disaster, .. The events that can affect Oregonians happen with little or no notice. (Quote by - Ted Kulongoski)

It is a diversionary tactic. Wal-Mart understands that they have a growing public relations disaster on their hands. American people are looking at a company with $10 billion in profit and $285 billion in sales that makes excuse after excuse about why it can't provide a living wage and health care to its workers. (Quote by - Chris Kofinis)

Secretary Jackson's decision will be based upon disaster data and other factors. (Quote by - Brian Sullivan)

In the wake of this disaster, the people of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida should know that the United States Congress stands ready to help them in their time of need,. (Quote by - Bill Frist)

Typically, urban search and rescue teams are used for earthquakes. But they're available for any kind of disaster. (Quote by - Clayton Jolley)

It was just so good to win an overtime game. I just feel like it would have been a disaster to lose a third game in overtime, and it was really important going into the next couple games to put one in the cage and end it. (Quote by - Allie Flynn)

We live in the midst of alarms; anxiety beclouds the future; we expect some new disaster with each newspaper we read. (Quote by - Abraham Lincoln)

Clearly people do not figure natural disaster risks into their decisions of where to live and where to retire. (Quote by - Bob Hartwig)

Disaster is a natural part of my evolution. Toward tragedy and dissolution. (Quote by - Chuck Palahniuk)

It's clear that we didn't do everything we could to safeguard ourselves from this hurricane or from a natural disaster such as Katrina but hopefully we will learn and be more prepared next time. (Quote by - Brian Richardson)

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster/ And treat those two impostors just the same. (Quote by - Rudyard Kipling)

It does make sense to say that it's more likely, thank God, to have a natural disaster than a terrorist one,. (Quote by - Clark Kent Ervin)

Emergency personnel and disaster relief workers will do their best to be on scene quickly but not everyone can be reached right away. Basic services such as electricity, water, gas and telephone may be out for days. (Quote by - Wayne Schipper)

This legislation provides Medicaid eligibility to evacuees and residents in (Federal Emergency Management Agency) designated disaster counties, .. It also helps pay private health insurance premiums for those at risk for losing their coverage. (Quote by - Thad Cochran)

an insider's narrative account of the Hurricane Katrina disaster that will locate its roots in the culture and politics of the city of New Orleans and in the national politics of oil, homeland security, poverty and race relations. (Quote by - Random House)

The scale of this disaster is simply overwhelming, .. The people of Washington state have a generous spirit, and we will do all that we can, individually and collectively, to support the victims of the hurricane. (Quote by - Christine Gregoire)

We knew today was going to be a disaster. What surprises us was how bad it was was. (Quote by - Bill Dreher)

We found more than 100 sites that were registered using various combinations of the words 'katrina' and 'donate' or 'disaster' in the last two days. (Quote by - Dan Hubbard)

We'll take the normal precautions, .. Due to the size of this disaster, everybody is kind of in awe. Most of us have never worked on anything this big. (Quote by - Andy Wood)

We must have these things lined up before a disaster happens, .. We're sorry if we offended people or made people not feel included. After Katrina hit, we were in a crisis mode. Because we were expecting to get potentially 1,000 evacuees, we had to work fast and work smart. (Quote by - Amy Hall)

In the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States, you've got to stoop pretty low to do that. You're lower than dirt. I'm not going to tolerate that. There's people in our business that don't belong in our business. (Quote by - Chris Scelfo)

expectations were getting little bit too negative. Two weeks ago everybody was thinking disaster. (Quote by - Cisco Systems)

They totally took advantage of us. They were storing like they wanted to fill a bunker for a nuclear disaster. (Quote by - Ann Stevenson)

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