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It's a disaster. They told us three months ago that Y2K isn't going to have any effect on them at all. They miss this quarter, now they're saying the next quarter is going to be even worse and that the first quarter will have even more losses. (Quote by - Dan Niles)

Drought is a slow-motion disaster - it's a slow and creeping death for plant and animal life and potentially for the agricultural industry. Each day without rainfall deepens the crisis for the farm and ranch families of Texas. (Quote by - Kenneth Dierschke)

Of course we don't consider Katrina anything but an immense natural disaster; however, if there is something good to be said it includes that the Mississippi's other four regions and their unique, high-quality attractions are in the spotlight. (Quote by - D. Craig Ray)

At this time, the governor has sent a request to the Small Business Administration for a disaster declaration for Shelby County. (Quote by - Andy Zirkle)

We want to play with the fact that she's still in love with him, but she knows it's a disaster and he's still in love with her and isn't quite so aware of the disaster nature of it. (Quote by - David Shore)

It was the right thing to do. Everybody on the Coast has been devastated with the natural disaster. It would have been a shame if no one didn't take care of business and host both tournaments. (Quote by - Danny Grieves)

Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster. (Quote by - Jim Wallis)

I just think it's going to be a ratings disaster. They will inevitably pick up viewers in the beginning because of the curiosity factor. But I can't see that sustaining. (Quote by - Bill McLaughlin)

I think in many ways we can some up now the one year anniversary of this terrible natural disaster that the emergency relief went better than we feared but the reconstruction and rebuilding is taking more time than we hoped. There was no second wave of death and disease as was feared but too many people have their first anniversary in the same tent they were given in the first months. (Quote by - Jan Egeland)

Yesterday Governor Perry declared Texas a state of disaster. (Quote by - Bob Watts)

We're fairly familiar with dealing with natural disasters, and we had a major regional electrical outage a few years back. So our people are fairly familiar with the need to be prepared for anything. That certainly helps us out. (Quote by - Bob Cass)

Disaster management should be coordinated by the federal government, .. It is our exact responsibility. (Quote by - Alcee Hastings)

This is the largest mobilization the Red Cross has ever taken for any disaster. (Quote by - Cheryl McLarney)

It's not a matter of theory, we now have enough evidence to suggest that either natural or human-caused disasters and crises definitely affect the traveling public. (Quote by - Walter Jamieson)

If there is no intervention, then we could be talking about the same disaster we had in 2000. (Quote by - Abdullahi Ali Haji)

We expected this disaster. Everyday I told the policemen not to eat among the civilians, but they didn't care and said all Iraq is targeted, not only our restaurant. (Quote by - Uday Mohammed)

Unfortunately, the criminal element will target nonprofit organizations, even outside of natural disasters, knowing they don't have the same level of safeguards and internal controls that a business would have. (Quote by - Daniel Borochoff)

Children in this impoverished region were vulnerable prior to the disaster and are in an increasingly more desperate situation today, especially those in remote valleys. Many have had no access to basic health care and suffer from treatable ailments and malnutrition. We estimate that half of the 80,000 people injured in the quake were children. (Quote by - Bruce Rasmussen)

This is the worst disaster of my 32 years I've ever seen that's this bad. I've been through a lot of hurricanes and disaster services. This is a war zone. It is horrid. People's lives are just everything they've worked for their entire lives is absolutely gone. (Quote by - Dalton Cunningham)

It's a disaster ready to happen again. Why is HBO doing this? Is money so important, or are these guys who are the big names so important?. (Quote by - Bob Arum)

The Do it Best family came together after the 9/11 attacks to lend aid, .. The Katrina disaster begged for that same type of united response. I can think of no better demonstration of our corporate philosophy, 'serving others as we would like to be served,' than by the way the entire Do it Best family has pulled together to help with the recovery efforts. (Quote by - Bob Taylor)

Disasters are very hard to get your arms around early on. In the early stages of a disaster, you can either underestimate it, as FEMA did, or you can overestimate it, as the mayor did. (Quote by - Jerome Hauer)

I admire addicts. In a world where everybody is waiting for some bline, random disaster, or some sudden disease, the addict has the comfort of knowing what will most likely wait for him down the road. He's taken some control over his ultimate fate, and his addiction keeps the cause of death from being a total surprise. (Quote by - Chuck Palahniuk)

We are the authors of our own disasters. (Quote by - Latin Proverb)

Just the idea that this disaster is looked upon as an opportunity for political gain by the left, and that particular political gain actually results in a decline of Western lifestyles, that's something that ought to sober everybody. I wouldn't be talking about this, I assure you, were it not for the fact that others on the left are out there making these asinine, ridiculous statements, and they have to be responded to and reacted to. (Quote by - Rush Limbaugh)

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