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We will continue to work diligently with our project partners to develop this project at a cost level that will allow us to advance into final design and construction. (Quote by - Sam Carnaggio)

After eight years of being in the cellar of the ship, buyers are in the captain's seat. In addition to having low interest rates, they can be far more patient, diligent, have more inventory to look at, ask the seller to do more and command a good deal. That's the big market picture that's unfolding. (Quote by - Brad Inman)

We haven't needed any direct repair program (DRP) relationships yet and we're running full capacity. We are proud to say we are in charge of the repairs. The only way this works is if you design the right facility. We try to give it a 'Nordstrom's' feel when they enter. We put out one of the best products in a consistent manner and our cycle time is better than anyone due to diligent organization and constant refining of processes. (Quote by - Dan Olson)

That's to be expected, that they will have to perform their due diligence and see the results of the government's efforts to improve tax collections, .. The key thing here, we have implemented the expansion in the value-added tax and that we're keen on increasing it next year. (Quote by - Omar Cruz)

In the past several years consumers .. have been very diligent in managing some of their debt in terms of refinancing to lower rates, but we'll have to .. keep our eye on this situation as the conditions change,. (Quote by - Sandra Pianalto)

In follow-up to our announcement in late November, we've been working diligently to restructure the secured notes under terms that we believe are beneficial to our stockholders. This restructuring, which relieves the Company of approximately $3.4 million of amortization and debt service costs and $500,000 of interest expense per quarter, is a major step towards our goal of generating consistent profitability and positive cash flows. (Quote by - Bill Meyer)

The environmental community is being more diligent in bringing win-win issues to the Legislature that not only help protect our air, land and water but also help our business friendly-manner. That combination has afforded us the opportunity to be taken more seriously. (Quote by - Clifford Traisman)

By diligence and patience, the mouse bit in two the cable. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

His approach to the season has been so diligent, so professional, that we knew at some point we were going to have to give him an opportunity to play. (Quote by - Rick Carlisle)

People are very cooperative and I think our boys are doing their work diligently. (Quote by - Ramlee Rahmat)

When Dell, a company that conducts intensive due diligence, selects you, other companies certainly take notice. That's reflected in the increase in recruitment activity since Dell chose the Triad last year. (Quote by - Don Kirkman)

Nothing is so difficult that diligence cannot master it. (Quote by - Malagasy Proverb)

When it comes to environmental due diligence, nothing can be left to chance. Commercial lenders need to know that commercial properties check out from an environmental standpoint. Moreover, they need to be confident that environmental lien searches are being conducted in a thorough and timely manner. National Real Estate provides the expertise to successfully conduct environmental due diligence. (Quote by - Michael Forgas)

We're advising consumers to use the same due diligence they normally would when purchasing a used vehicle and working to arm them with additional, current information when we become aware of it. The addition of Flood Damaged Vehicles Tips highlights this potential scam for everyone who visits our site. (Quote by - Alan Smith)

White laborers known for their enterprise, their diligence, their economy, which builds up new empires in the West. (Quote by - David Wilmot)

The students have been great. They've been diligent in doing what we've asked of them. They've been doing a good job covering up their cuts. .. I think they've realized how important this can be if they don't take the precautions. (Quote by - Dennis Williams)

He was the most loyal person I know. He's a diligent worker and he has unbelievable passion for the game of football. (Quote by - Jeff Berry)

A good population of elms remains in Langford due to the diligence of the residents in quickly removing the problem trees,. (Quote by - Craig Brown)

Attackers are moving away from large, multipurpose attacks on network perimeters toward smaller, more targeted attacks directed at Web and client-side applications. As the threat landscape continues to change, users need to be diligent in keeping systems up to date with security patches and security solutions. (Quote by - Arthur Wong)

I don't think we gave any money to anyone illegally, .. I don't think what did was unethical. We did our due diligence to make sure these things were done properly. (Quote by - Richard Richards)

The enquiries have found out that despite the presence of security measures such as searching of prisoners when they enter or leave prison, security is occasionally exposed, because officers do not always conduct the searches diligently. (Quote by - Anthony Mokento)

You have to remain diligent and protect the habitat. If we don't do anything extra, they might start declining again. (Quote by - Ann Wilson)

It's due diligence on the part of the district to be weighing carefully what resources are available to students and staff. (Quote by - Scott Colantonio)

Thanks to some diligent music historians, we now understand that when you go back to the instruments of the day and discover how the tempos would be, how the balance would be, it changes your perception. You go for a more technical approach to the strings, use less pressure with the bow and more speed. (Quote by - George Hanson)

There are things in your life you can control - and there are variables you can't. The more diligent you are at controlling what you can, the more influence you'll have over your destiny. You just have to figure out which are which. (Quote by - Carlton Young)

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