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The Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau has worked diligently over the past year to ensure that the conference will be a great success. With over 500 participants staying overnight and enjoying Calcasieu Parish, there will be a tremendous impact on the local economy. (Quote by - Shelley Johnson)

If everyone is diligent about cleaning it up, it shouldn't be a problem. (Quote by - Shawn Haruno)

Either way, this incident is a wake-up call to the industry because it highlights the problems we face if we don't do diligence with this new technology. (Quote by - Andrew Maynard)

Until we do our due diligence, no one knows, .. Once you get in there, who knows. If they're enthusiastic, they might want to go for more. (Quote by - Franklin Johnson)

China should bury head to work diligently for 10 years and then raise head to face Japan. (Quote by - Yuan Shikai)

We've work diligently with our online sales channel partners to make sure we support new opportunities out of the gate. Our customers count on us for their success and we take that responsibility extremely seriously and therefore make sure we are diligently on top of any new ecommerce opportunities like eBay Express. (Quote by - Scot Wingo)

There may be some parts of this company that may be worth buying, but the accounting isn't clear. You have to do the due diligence. (Quote by - Yoji Takeda)

Diligence and simple living have been advocated by Party leaders, and it's a precious tradition. (Quote by - Wu Canxin)

The secret of success is constancy of purpose. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

Most of us right now are in the process of .. due diligence, .. What do we know about this candidate? What can we know to make an informed decision?. (Quote by - Sam Brownback)

Is a $40 price to go watch a Southeastern Conference football game reasonable? We've done our due diligence around the country. You'll see that it's more than reasonable. (Quote by - Eric Hyman)

Either Tom Lee and partners are victims of fraud or they dropped the ball in terms of due diligence. Today, we don't know which it is. This is not a good time to come to market with a new fund. (Quote by - William Atwood)

We believe the states have diligently enforced their statutes. We are negotiating with the companies to make sure they pay the full amount. (Quote by - Tom Miller)

The Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation has been unwavering in our desire to keep the New Orleans Bowl in Louisiana, .. Everyone's patience and diligence through this process has been phenomenal. Lafayette provides a number of key elements we wanted in a host city. (Quote by - Jay Cicero)

Even though many of these outside economic and social factors that affect student achievement are beyond the control of our schools, we are not powerless in overcoming these challenges, and these schools are living examples that with hard work and diligence, we can make progress,. (Quote by - Suellen Reed)

Now we're in the final stages. There's a lot of (due diligence) work to be done in the next 120 days, but it feels good to get everybody on board. (Quote by - Woody Allen)

You are a diligent, hard worker who is always willing to lend a helping hand, but only if it is for the good of all concerned. (Quote by - Blair Gorman)

This is for a buy-and-hold person who doesn't want to do that much trading. They are well-suited to beginning investors, and they can be a good first investment. That said, the investor still needs to do a fair amount of due diligence at the outset. (Quote by - Greg Carlson)

I've been watching Ryan for a long time. With his skill level, if he's in the right frame of mind, he can make every shot, and that's what we're looking for. I look for what you can see in their eyes -- the rest you can teach -- but you like to see that they are fired up. And B.J.'s history and due diligence about everything make him a great player. He eats, sleeps and drinks curling. (Quote by - Lorne Hamblin)

ATI's new Avivo will play a key role in enabling life-like visual fidelity all the way from content creation to consumption, .. We are diligently working alongside ATI to help our customers offer powerful PCs for a truly rich photo and video experience. (Quote by - Bob Brewer)

I don't think we will be able to replace Mark. He just worked very, very diligently and was just a good person. (Quote by - Steve Williams)

The public deserves to know whether this is a case of FDA incompetence and a lack of diligence, or whether the FDA made a decision to protect the company's confidentiality over the public health, .. Either way, we have a serious problem on our hands. (Quote by - Edward Markey)

You can be assured we are looking for another low-cost carrier. We're working diligently. (Quote by - Gary Jackson)

The consistent rise in the number of background checks performed year after year is evidence of the diligence employers are taking in the recruitment and hiring process. (Quote by - Dean Suposs)

I appreciate the due diligence of SAWS because our association is made up of hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses along the River Walk. It looks like they are really trying to do this with the least amount of upset to our businesses and to the tourists. (Quote by - Greg Gallaspy)

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