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Diligence Quotes
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I'm sure they're working diligently, but it's still disappointing to a lot of us who knew John. (Quote by - Dennis Vaughn)

I'm concerned that if we are not diligent and vigilant, the community will be transformed and the original residents will find themselves displaced. (Quote by - Bruce S. Gordon)

Persevere in virtue and diligence. (Quote by - Titus Maccius Plautus)

He who labors diligently need never despair; for all things are accomplished by diligence and labor. (Quote by - Menander)

Everything yields to diligence. (Quote by - Antiphanes)

But when that information travels only to a privileged few, when it is used to profit at the expense of the investing public, when that information comes by way of favored access rather than by acumen, insight or diligence, we must ask, 'Whose interest is really being served?'. (Quote by - Arthur Levitt)

We have been working diligently on key elements of our operational plan. (Quote by - Robert Weaver)

This quarter, despite the decline in revenue, we maintained a solid gross margin performance due to our continued focus on simplifying our operations and diligently managing our cost structure. Based on the review of our expectations for fiscal 2006 and ongoing interactions with our customers, we are confident that our revenue performance will be much stronger for the remainder of the year. (Quote by - Patricia Russo)

I wish to assure the French government and people that their taxpayers' funds will be used in a diligent, transparent and accountable manner. (Quote by - Finance Minister Ngandu Magande)

One thing that characterizes Harriet is that she is extremely diligent. She's going to be prepared. The temptation will be great for some to try to match wits with her on constitutional issues. There's some danger that senators might demonstrate not her lack of knowledge, but their own. (Quote by - John Cornyn)

The reports we're getting really from throughout the state as well as King County, .. is that the county elections people are being very, very diligent. (Quote by - Sam Reed)

Please, please be very, very diligent in what you do. Your actions could affect more than just yourself. (Quote by - Bennie Seth)

I prepared well for the event in the training. One could only get what she wants through diligent efforts. (Quote by - Guo Jingjing)

Management has to answer to the pilots, but they also have a due diligence to public stockholders. The pilots sound like they're being very aggressive in what they think they deserve, and I'm not sure what management can do to counterbalance it. (Quote by - Ray Neidl)

The Board is diligent in making certain to spend tax dollars wisely. The community's going to see the difference once everything's in place. (Quote by - Wayne Jordan)

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