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Maine has an impeccable record of upholding our end of the settlement agreement. Our enforcement has been more than diligent; it has been dogged and determined. (Quote by - Attorney General Steven Rowe)

I think there's still a lot to learn about this nominee. The president has had the advantage of working with her for a decade. I must do my own due diligence, I can't say all these issues were overcome in a one-hour meeting. (Quote by - Sam Brownback)

The loft space doubles as his design studio. During the taping two women could be seen in the background diligently sewing. But he has no plans to put up partitions. Rather, in this day and age, he sees the two enterprises - design and television - working as one. Synergistically - I hate that word; it's so 90's - but each of these projects feeds one another, .. I don't know how the clothes can exist without the show, and I don't know how the show can exist without the clothes. (Quote by - Isaac Mizrahi)

Then, there is the immense challenge of the actual task she has embraced: To transform the thinking of an entire province of gas-guzzling, car-loving, fossil-fuel addicts. We really have to make profound changes, .. I'm really looking forward to working hard and diligently . . . To make sure we can change our ways and fulfill our responsibility to future generations. (Quote by - Elizabeth Weir)

She spent the whole weekend out here practicing, .. I've never seen anyone practice as diligently. She's going at it and really focused, not missing a beat, getting ready for Samsung. (Quote by - Greg Nichols)

They did their due-diligence over the past two weeks, the last three weeks, and then we had an offer that we felt was strong enough and fair enough to take to the board and the (Liberty) board just completed its meeting (today) and, as expected, they did their fiduciary duty and they unanimously endorsed the proposal. (Quote by - Hayne Hipp)

Though there will be tragedies we cannot prevent, we can improve our preparedness and response to reduce future loss and preserve life. And while we will work diligently to implement immediate improvements, it is important to recognize that the true transformation envisioned in this report will require a sustained commitment over time by the federal government as well as by state and local governments that have essential duties in responding to disasters. (Quote by - Frances Townsend)

We were very diligent and very careful in how we put this together. (Quote by - Troy Aikman)

At this rate the investigation might take another year or two. Cooperation in good faith should be diligent and timely. (Quote by - Detlev Mehlis)

Lifting the last remaining hold order at Pimlico is a positive that things are coming to a close there. We will continue working with all parties involved to monitor the situation and bring it to a conclusion. We thank the owners, trainers, and staff for their diligence in practicing prudent bio-security measures and their patience as we work through this science-based process that will make sure the remaining horses test negative before they will be released from the detention barn. (Quote by - Guy Hohenhaus)

That which ordinary men are fit for, I am qualified in. and the best of me is diligence. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

I feel that traits such as diligence and confidence will help anyone to become academically successful. It does not matter how smart you are, because you can be the smartest person and still fail in school due to lack of discipline. Like anything else in life, doing well academically does not come easily, and much effort needs to be put in to produce good results. Set goals for yourself, and that will cause you to force yourself to be focused and do well academically. (Quote by - Shelcie Takenouchi)

If it's two to four weeks, then I'll be happy. He'll work very diligently to get it healthy. He'll stay in condition. Just as long as he's ready to play when it counts the most. (Quote by - Pat Riley)

The teachers union worked diligently during the last 21 months to secure a contract that will take care of the community, students and staff and make sure everything is equitable for everyone. (Quote by - Jackie Young)

I hate it for Mike, because he was so diligent this past summer in doing what he had to do to join our basketball program,. (Quote by - Roy Williams)

If anyone has something to say that we have not been diligent, I would like them to say so publicly. (Quote by - Saudi Arabia)

Members have a lot of respect for the kind of diligence and hard work (exhibited by Burr), It's been a very important service (for Burr) to develop that expertise. (Quote by - Ted Kennedy)

The Word of God must be Read and Heard with Diligence that so you may arrive to the Knowledge that is needful for you. (Quote by - Cotton Mather)

The government and people of Afghanistan are working diligently to build a sustainable market economy despite many challenges. (Quote by - Sean McCormack)

We work very diligently with families. We have a very good family-to-school connection, lots of respect both ways. And we try to have our parents learn what American public education is all about. What they've experienced in other countries is quite different. (Quote by - Becky Sukanen)

We really have to make profound changes. I'm really looking forward to working hard and diligently . . . To make sure we can change our ways and fulfill our responsibility to future generations. (Quote by - Elizabeth Weir)

We will work diligently to determine who left the message. And the discipline will be severe. (Quote by - Diane Ostrowski)

We were gratified by the FAA's decision to extend our good working relationship in 2005. And we are equally excited about our 5-year perfect recor which is now approaching 6 years. A lot of ARINC people worked very diligently to make this happen. (Quote by - David Harding)

We're just very comfortable. The players love it. I mean, they're crazy about it. We feel, after doing our [due] diligence, that it will hold up. And that's really the only remaining question -- how it will hold up over time -- because over a short period of time, it definitely passed the test. (Quote by - Stephen Jones)

There are a lot of guys in Florida, and sometimes you just don't get seen. He was known as an athlete and not a player. But he's come here and improved and worked very hard and been diligent to get better. He's one of those who slipped through the cracks. (Quote by - Brad Underwood)

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