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The really big difference is that what you make with a molecular machine can be completely precise, down to the tiniest degree of detail that can exist in the world. (Quote by - K. Eric Drexler)

Getting Dion this year made up for losing a lot of other people. Of course he has a learning curve, but he doesn't have big holes in his game. He just has tiny details he has to work out, and the coaches love working with a guy with that much talent. (Quote by - Andrew Ference)

People have criticised me because my security detail is larger than the president's. But you must ask yourself: are there more people who want to kill me than who want to kill the president? I can assure you there are. (Quote by - Marion Berry)

Thank God for Ivy, his wife. She was kind of my contact person. Lindsey would tell me only so much of what he was doing. Ivy would give me the fine details. (Quote by - Arnie Kander)

The details are not the details. They make the design. (Quote by - Charles Eames)

The market is hungry for details of the Argentine swap and there are no details. There is also no answer to the question if Congress will be setting up a government corruption probe. (Quote by - John Carioba)

Disney is thrilling and informative and important and beautiful and suspect. Butts was a detail I observed later and definitely ties in. I suppose I was programmed, yeah. (Quote by - Mark Morris)

Even for something as mundane as bathrooms, we spent a lot of time on the details. (Quote by - Bob Holland)

We welcome the fact that he (Newell) has said that he is willing to provide names and details of people who have breached the rules. If he provides us with evidence we will investigate fully. (Quote by - Brian Barwick)

It's the little details that guys do to make their bikes stand out from the next guy. (Quote by - Bob McCormick)

Without going into too much detail, the end of my major action scene, after the climax of the scene, there was one little change that I suggested regarding the way things should turn out. It was in the detail of the tears of blood. (Quote by - Chiaki Kuriyama)

The theory that can absorb the greatest number of facts, and persist in doing so, generation after generation, through all changes of opinion and detail, is the one that must rule all observation. (Quote by - Adam Smith)

Also, civil society must stay vigilant because the details of the deal will be worked out over the upcoming weeks at the IMF and World Bank boards. What we have right now is only a broad agreement; the finer details are what will matter. (Quote by - Neil Watkins)

You can enjoy your guests and we can take care of all the details. When you use a caterer you have the peace of mind that all the details are taken care of and you can really enjoy the party -- whether its in your back yard or your living room. (Quote by - Andrew Pantano)

There are a lot of times that if a detail in a scene or a beat, feels unnatural, they'll allow me to explore another direction to go until we're all comfortable with what we are doing. (Quote by - George Eads)

Only the poet can look beyond the detail and see the whole picture. (Quote by - Helen Hayes)

All that is not perfect down to the smallest detail is doomed to perish. (Quote by - Gustav Mahler)

I'm not trying to be coy here; we're just not prepared to give a lot of detail about our thinking, but we will be making some announcements in the coming months. (Quote by - Jim Walton)

My general plan is good, though in the detail there may be faults. (Quote by - Adam Weishaupt)

We weren't cheating tonight. Our attention to detail was that much better. Our awareness was much better and our awareness on the bench was much better. (Quote by - Brent Sutter)

This is a great milestone to have accomplished, but it's just one of many milestones before we can open the champagne. Once we are in the prime science orbit, the spacecraft will perform observations of the atmosphere, surface, and subsurface of Mars in unprecedented detail. (Quote by - Colleen Hartman)

I explained in detail that I was trying to protect my sources. That's job No. 1 in a case like this, .. I hunkered down. I'm in the habit of keeping secrets. I didn't want anything out there that was going to get me subpoenaed. (Quote by - Bob Woodward)

Just as the would-be debutante will fret and fuss over every detail till all is perfect, so will the fastidious feline patiently toil until every whiskertip is in place. (Quote by - Lynne Caiafa)

A lot of our entertainment throws into detail the stagnation and illness of how we live today-it's sad and it's sick... and it's profitable. (Quote by - Heather Donahue)

Night in and night out I look forward to playing the other team's top player. You have to pay attention to every detail when you are defending James. .. He's going to get his shot. You just have to contest it. (Quote by - Bruce Bowen)

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