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The clothes are so cute. On little kids .. it's so cute with accessories and little details. (Quote by - Ashley Olsen)

Usually the devil is in the details. With this report, the greatest fear is that details of true labor market conditions will be found over the next couple of months instead of in this report. (Quote by - Anthony Chan)

It's kind of like the underdog story, but it's really in the details and the writing that makes it unique. We all have high hopes. I really think out of the three that I've done, this is the one that's got the most commercial crossover potential. (Quote by - Ben Rekhi)

I do like to work on a Marvel method, so if I've got the opportunity, and the writer is happy to do it, I like to have a writer detail what happens on a page, but not saying what happens in every scene. (Quote by - David Lloyd)

We shall look for more detail on the group's cost-cutting programme and on recent acquisitions. Overall, we expect the outlook statement and current trading to be the main share price drivers. (Quote by - Andrew Fisher)

What fascinates me is the detail -- the brilliance and beauty of the detail of the cut itself. The cut itself catches the light and spreads it. (Quote by - Edward Pullen)

We will be looking to have an electronic flow of information out of ThinkFolio to TradeSmart, and then back from TradeSmart to ThinkFolio, which will then generate soft trade details into the Icon system, which can then be enriched with settlement details and static data details before those trades get sent via Swift to either HSBC or other third-party custodians that we might use. (Quote by - Paul Holmes)

Why worry about minor little details like clean air, clean water, safe ports and the safety net when Jesus is going to give the world an "Extreme Makeover: Planet Edition" right after he finishes putting Satan in his place once and for all?. (Quote by - Arianna Huffington)

The reports of the eclipse parties not only described the scientific observations in great detail, but also the travels and experiences, and were sometimes marked by a piquancy not common in official documents. (Quote by - Simon Newcomb)

The English light is so very subtle, so very soft and misty, that the architecture responded with great delicacy of detail. (Quote by - Stephen Gardiner)

We support legislation to make price gouging illegal, .. But the devil is in the details, and (our support) would depend on the details. (Quote by - Jason Dunn)

Manners are the happy way of doing things; each once a stroke of genius or of love --now repeated and hardened into usage. They form at last a rich varnish, with which the routine of life is washed, and its details adorned. If they are superficial, so are the dewdrops which give such depth to the morning meadows. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Before the details of the collision start to fade in any human beings' mind with time, we want to see if we can capture their memories while they are still fresh, and get their understanding in their own perceptions and their own words, the details surrounding the accident, timeline leading up to it, everything. (Quote by - Craig Quigley)

We are going to have a huge Oscar issue, you are going to see everything in such beautiful detail. (Quote by - Steven Cojocaru)

Culture is a way of coping with the world by defining it in detail. (Quote by - Malcolm Bradbury)

There's a lot of details. There's beauty in the details. (Quote by - Enid Goldstein)

The focus and the concentration and the attention to detail that flying takes is a kind of meditation. I find it restful and engaging, and other things slip away. (Quote by - Harrison Ford)

You must be absolutely honest and true in the depicting of a totem for meaning is attached to every line. You must be most particular about detail and proportion. (Quote by - Emily Carr)

He's going to be like a tour guide, leading federal prosecutors by the hand through the sordid details of these deals. The best the members of Congress can hope for is more political embarrassment. The worst is serious prison time. (Quote by - Andrew Cohen)

As more details come out about the Argentine swap, the more the market calms down. (Quote by - Bruno Otero)

We citizens don't need to know every detail of every military operation in this new kind of war. Nor should the media tell us and hence our enemy. (Quote by - David Hackworth)

Life is not significant details, illuminated by a flash, fixed forever. Photographs are. (Quote by - Susan Sontag)

Exactness and neatness in moderation is a virtue, but carried to extremes narrows the mind. (Quote by - Philip Delaney)

The tendency of modern scientific teaching is to neglect the great books, to lay far too much stress upon relatively unimportant modern work, and to present masses of detail of doubtful truth and questionable weight in such a way as to obscure principles. (Quote by - Ronald Fisher)

He's just put it all together. He's a fantastically talented, strong, gifted athlete. But with all those characteristics sometimes comes absent-mindedness and lack of attention to detail. Those are some of the things we can't have as shortstops. So that's what we worked on. Everything else has kind of blossomed. (Quote by - Barry Larkin)

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