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Consistency is found in that work whose whole and detail are suitable to the occasion. It arises from circumstance, custom, and nature. (Quote by - Marcus V. Pollio)

Many students feel that putting all their personal details online is no big deal, but they don't realize posting details about inappropriate behavior and personal information may put them at risk. These virtual communities are part of today's student culture and are how they communicate, and students shouldn't necessarily avoid being a part of it altogether. They just need to make smart decisions about what they choose to post online. (Quote by - Pablo Malavenda)

You should detail your house like you'd detail your car if it were for sale. The cost of staging your home is usually less than your first price reduction!. (Quote by - Barb Schwarz)

We are providing this extra level of detail about the recent property sales to give our shareholders and analysts a more complete view of one element of the value associated with each of these sales. Though we have not historically provided this level of detail on specific sales, in view of our recently announced plan of liquidation adopted by our Board of Directors, we understand that shareholders are asking for this additional information, and we're pleased to provide it. (Quote by - Charles Knight)

With one or two mouse clicks, we have access to a lot of information. We can see the details of the job. We can see the approvals for the job. We can see details about each candidate, such as contact information, resume, and job application history. (Quote by - Tony Blake)

The Japanese seem to have great attention to detail. Everything is well thought out. Their cars are extremely reliable, but also, really quite simple in in terms of the engineering that's gone into them. (Quote by - David Champion)

On the other track I got to talk with Jon Poll, my editor, and we go into more detail about the decisions we made in both the production and the post-production. So I hope the combination becomes something worth collecting. (Quote by - Jay Roach)

I am a scholar of life. Every night before I go to sleep, I analyze every detail of what I did that day. I evaluate things and people, which helps me avoid mistakes. (Quote by - Compay Segundo)

The devil is in the details, and everything we do in the military is a detail. (Quote by - Hyman George Rickover)

Male and female gossip also sounds different, as women use more animated tones, more detail and more feedback. (Quote by - Kate Fox)

After that happens, we are then able to widely distribute the takeover offer which includes full details of the proposal. (Quote by - Bob Lineham)

The concept of a ULA is something that we have looked at positively for a long time and there are a lot of details. We'll see what the respective teams have found with regard to assessment of those details. (Quote by - Ronald Sega)

There are fears of loss of lives, we are trying to get details. (Quote by - Abdul Rehman)

Al Gore has dedicated his life to detail. George W. Bush has not. He's the first to admit it. (Quote by - Peter Jennings)

I have detailed my army to keep an eye on them at all times because they are capable of taking off and disappearing completely. We won't run from the front, but we shall not be far away from the leaders. This time nobody will be detailed to set the pace because all my runners are of equal in strength. (Quote by - Julius Kirwa)

Fear is a great motivator. Look at what 9-11 has accomplished - My god. It's slammed the economy, It's - I can't even begin to detail all it's actually done, other than bring down the buildings and hit the Pentagon. It's stunned the entire nation. (Quote by - Art Bell)

The atmosphere at the JWG meetings is relaxed as participants come to grips with the details of the legislation. But it is examining and interpreting the details that can lead to frustration, Fuller says. We won't have the finalized wording until March 2006, and so we won't know exactly what we have to do, .. What will happen next year if banks get together and tell the EC that they can't meet the deadline? I see quite a likelihood of that happening. (Quote by - Bob Fuller)

There are still some details that have to be sorted out with Coventry and it would only be a one-month loan. There's a good chance it will happen. (Quote by - Bryan Robson)

He's a professional. He knows a lot about the game and can give you a lot of insights. The great thing about him is that he provides a lot of detail. He never leaves anything out. After he explains something to you, you'd be an idiot to mess it up. (Quote by - Braylon Edwards)

We acquired this spectacular, one-of-a-kind set of images immediately after getting into orbit for the express purpose of seeing fine details in the rings that we had not seen previously. (Quote by - Carolyn Porco)

The company needs to come up with more detailed explanations regarding why they wanted to go through with this. (Quote by - Belle Liang)

The hair is really wonderful. Just very simple, very chic. In a ponytail where it's long, just so you can see the detail of the jackets and the detail of the clothes. (Quote by - Richard Tyler)

It was kind of difficult - just the mannerisms, the way they would act and the dancing. It's really come along because Jim is a man who loves detail. He loves to know what's coming across is genuine. (Quote by - Brandon Little)

With Fever, the film was so made for the screen, and there's so much surround sound that was done for the film - enormous detail paid to that. I wasn't thinking video, because I didn't know how it was going to turn out. (Quote by - Alex Winter)

If a victory is told in detail, one can no longer distinguish it from a defeat. (Quote by - Jean-Paul Sartre)

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