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Enjoy your successes and try to learn from the failures. Remember, we are helping our Bluebirds and other native species battle the odds so that everyone can enjoy them for years to come. (Quote by - Larry Jordan)

Share some nestboxes with your friends and neighbors and create memories for the next generation. (Quote by - Keith Kridler)

An environmental ethic that considers the big picture compels killing some animals to protect native species and habitat(Quote by - Anonymous naturalist)

I do have an empty box then, but I would much rather have occasional empty boxes and know that every bluebird looking for a cavity found one. (Quote by - Dorene Scriven)

A certain traveler who knew many continents was asked what he found most remarkable of all. He replied: the ubiquity of sparrows. (Quote by - Adam Zagajewski)

I'm thankful for the birds who tolerate us, survive despite us, and brighten our lives. (Quote by - Bluebars, Gardenweb)

I noticed a LONG time ago that people who are willing to spend their time helping bluebirds are ALWAYS going to be people you will love getting to know and sharing your precious time with!(Quote by - Keith Kridler)

Every original idea is first ridiculed, then vigorously attacked, and finally taken for granted. (Quote by - Arthur Schopenhauer)

Then came the bad years: the old trees in the orchard cut down and replaced by younger, better tended plants; insecticides used beyond reason; wire usurping the charm of yesterday's wood fences. As a crowning misfortune, imported non-migrant birds monopolized his favorite nesting places; upon his return one spring, not a shadow of a lodging could be found. All the natural and manmade cavities had been taken. If he did discover one, more often than not he could not see the brood safely through: his eggs pierced or thrown from the nest by starlings and sparrows, his mate's skull often smashed as she tried to protect her young against these fierce invaders. (Quote by - Andre Dion)

Who does not welcome the beloved Bluebird and all that his coming implies? His cheery warble, heard at first as a mere wandering voice in the sky, heralds returning spring .... Snow may still lie in patches or drift in flurries; but when the Bluebird comes we know that spring is near. (Quote by - John B. May)

I love the excitement of opening the box and looking inside not really sure what kind of eggs I will discover. Sort of like fishing in the ocean!(Quote by - Vicki Butler)

Bluebirders have a quickness in their step and a twinkle in their eye. (Quote by - Keith Radel)

I have found that bluebirders as a whole are the most giving, loving, sensitive and caring segment of the human population in America. Of all of the environmental groups, bluebirders are the most proactive group as nearly 100% of them actually go out and help their target species themselves instead of just writing a check once a year and sending it to a distant mailbox. (Quote by - Keith Kridler)

The FIRST bluebird eggs I saw were when my father lifted me up and held me in his arms so that I could see down into the nest. Five delicate, sky blue eggs nestled in a beautifully woven grass nest! That chance nesting of the bluebirds in our nestbox helped to encourage a lifetime of memories!(Quote by - Keith Kridler)

This is one of the earliest birds to arrive in the spring; it is a question which we are likely to meet first, the Bluebird or the Robin, but not infrequently a flash of the cerulean color tells us the Bluebird has won in the race northward. (Quote by - F. Schuyler Mathews)

I have been watching the Tree swallows feeding their babies. I swear I can feel my heart fill up with joy. (Quote by - Maria Pino)

There is NO Yellow Brick road out there leading these young bluebirds to a "Land of OZ" where these birds can live happily ever after, safe from all tragedy. The reality is that NO matter how many bluebirds you raise in a region there are only so many spots for them to breed in and EVERYDAY the area gets cut down smaller one tree at a time, one cubic yard of cement or asphalt at a time. (Quote by - Keith Kridler)

Bluebirds were in deep trouble in the mid 1900s, just before America's environmental awaking in the '60s. Just about everything seemed to be working against this handsome, and extremely popular songbird. But the situation started to improve for bluebirds in the 1960s and '70s as more and more Americans rallied to help by placing nest boxes in their backyards and creating bluebird nest box trails. (Quote by - Dan Brauning)

House sparrows working as a team are an amazing killing machine. (Quote by - Paula Ziebarth)

The English Sparrow, with its grown and growing progeny, is a conspicuous nuisance. Can there be no way devised to abate him, if not totally, at least partially?(Quote by - Cartersville Courant-American)

Mouths are open. Eyes are closed. Hints of fuzz where feathers will grow are visible. How do such ungainly, scrawny little creatures ever acquire such phenomenal beauty?(Quote by - Shirl Brunnel)

I garden, therefore I WEED. I raise bluebirds, therefore I remove House Sparrows. (Quote by - Keith Kridler)

When we have the opportunity, like on a bluebird day like today - we get out and try to take advantage of everything that Vail and the mountain and town have to offer. (Quote by - George Oliphant)

Birds are wonderful indicators of our overall environmental health, and as the environment is stressed and biodiversity reduced through habitat degradation and loss, the most sensitive species send out the signal first. (Quote by - David Seideman)

As long as there are bluebirds, there will be miracles and a way to find happiness. (Quote by - Shirl Brunnel)

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