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The mewo is a tasty worm. I like it. It has a glabrous epiderm. I like it. I peck it 'til it's good and dead, And pulp it up, and smash its head, Then feed my chicks and go to bed. I like it. (Quote by - B. Burdett)

The love-making of the bluebird is as beautiful as the bird itself, and normally as gentle, unless interrupted by some jealous rival who would steal his bride; then gentleness gives place to active combat. The male usually arrives a few days ahead of the female, selects what he considers to be a suitable summer home, and carols his sweetest, most seductive notes day after day until she appears in answer to his call. (Quote by - Arthur C. Bent)

It is NOT the box style but the monitoring style that determines whether you have bluebirds or not!(Quote by - Keith Kridler)

O bluebird, welcome back again, Thy azure coat and ruddy vest, Are hues that April loveth best.... (Quote by - John Burroughs)

What really makes my day is to get up early in the morning, just as the sun comes up, and hear bluebirds.... (Quote by - Jack Finch)

When [my grandchildren] are grown, I will see to it that they, too, have a bluebird box. Then it will be up to them to find their appropriate path in becoming a good steward of their little corner of the world. (Quote by - Sara Ann Wright)

They make their nests in holes of trees, are harmless birds, and resemble our robin-redbreast. (Quote by - Mark Catesby)

For me, bluebirds are special because when I am blue, the sight of one makes me less so. Their appraising sideways stare is endearing as well, more curious than wary. Their vigilance in parenting gives us all something to aspire to. They need, and seem to appreciate, a helping hand from me and I can see and hear the results of my efforts all around me every day. (Quote by - Paula Ziebarth)

Daddy dear, tell me please, is the world really round? Tell me where is the bluebird of happiness found? (Quote by - Mon Enfant)

Songbirds have steamy social lives that would make most of us blush. (Quote by - Bridget Stutchbury)

The thing that makes the bluebirding hobby so intriging is that you CANNOT answer questions simply True or False all of the time. MOST of the time you cannot even answer a question with four multiple choice answers. We should all enjoy these debates or exchanges of opinions and be willing to experiment and contribute to the knowledge we all seek. (Quote by - Keith Kridler)

If our boys and girls are educated to realize the economic value of the birds, and are encouraged to study their habits, the desire to shoot them or rob them of their eggs will be very materially lessened. (Quote by - Chester Reed)

Their camaraderie with each other inspired them to continue on, each of them in their separate paths, to...take birds study to something unique in each of their lifetimes. (Quote by - Susi Hickey Nehls)

The bluebird is one of the most familiar tenants of the farm and dooryard. Its favorite nesting sites are crannies in the farm buildings or boxes made for its use of natural cavities in old apple trees. For rent the bird pays amply by destroying insects, and takes no toll from the farms crop. The largest items of insect food are grasshoppers first and beetles next, while caterpillars stand third. The vegetable food consists chiefly of fruit pulp, only an insignificant portion are from cultivated varieties. (Quote by - USDA Farmers Bulletin)

His soft warble, beautiful blue coat, warm waistcoat, and gentle manners make him the most welcome herald of spring. (Quote by - Birds of America)

When they leave each year I am always afraid they won't be back. So it is just an amazing feeling of happiness, relief and awe when they return. (Quote by - Anna in Tampa)

If bluebirds were people, they would be respected citizens who raise their families with exemplary devotion, lead productive lives, and contribute generously to charities. And they would surely be featured soloists in church choirs on Sunday mornings!(Quote by - Steve Grooms)

Since we've been able to create that artificial cavity - boom. The bluebird came back. It's a key factor in the whole process. (Quote by - Gary Springer)

The Bluebird, shifting his light load of song From post to post along the cheerless fence...Under the Willows, (Quote by - James Russell Lowell)

What is really incredible about bluebirding is that there are as many ways to bluebird as there are bluebirders!(Quote by - Haleya Priest)

You can spend a lifetime opening up nestboxes and watching bluebirds EVERY day and still learn something new every WEEK. That is why this hobby never gets old because the ending is never quite the same for any of these pairs of birds. (Quote by - Keith Kridler)

Guess what it boils down to is doing our best, accepting the worst, and never giving up in trying to improve. (Quote by - Charlene Anchor)

I would rather see 300 nestboxes placed in 300 different yards than for me to have 300 nestboxes filled with bluebirds. (Quote by - Keith Krilder)

The Bluebird's disposition is typical of all that is sweet and amiable. His song breathes of love; even his fall call-note - tur-wee, tur-wee - is soft and gentle. so associated is his voice with the bird and death of the seasons that to me his song is freighted with all the gladness of springtime, while the sad notes of the birds passing southward tell me more plainly than the falling leaves that the year is dying. (Quote by - Frank M. Chapman)

This is known as WMS (Worrisome Mother Syndrome), where the landlord thinks of every possible morid thing that can go wrong, no matter how far fetched, and sucks the fun out of enjoying the birds. (Quote by - Duane Rice)

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