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Don't despair, because a seed is planted somewhere along the way. You are making a difference, even if you don't see it right away. (Quote by - Duane Rice, Bluebird_L)

For two summers not a blue wing, not a blue warble. I seemed to miss something kindred and precious from my environment--the visible embodiment of the tender sky and wistful soil. What a loss, I said, to coming generations of dwellers in the country--no bluebird in spring!(Quote by - John Burroughs)

Because of the irreversibility of mixing formerly isolated species, biological invasions may have even more drastic effects than climate change. (Quote by - Mooney & Cleland)

We brought HOSPs to this continent, and it is our duty to deal with the problem we created. (Quote by - Mike, Bluebird_L)

Always keep in mind that the nestboxes you build, install and monitor today, may well be your very real connection to friends and loved ones long after you are gone. (Quote by - David Gwin)

The birds richly repay you for the trouble you take in attracting them and looking out for their interests. (Quote by - Joseph H. Dodson)

The spring and summer song of the bluebird is a soft and often repeated warble: in the month of October, his song changes to a single plaintive note. (Quote by - Encyclopedia Americana)

We do make a difference, one successful nesting at a time. The birds keep trying, how can we do anything less?(Quote by - Vicki Butler)

These sociable and cooperative subjects do not have to be hunted down in meadows or trees to get close enough to study them where they nest. (Quote by - Jonathan Ridgeway)

The beauty and genius of a work of art may be reconceived, though its first material expression be destroyed; a vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer; but when the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again. (Quote by - William Beebe)

Spring is sprung The grass is ris I wonder where the birdies is?(Quote by - English ditty)

A homeowner will take better care of bluebirds in a backyard box than a trail manager ever could. (Quote by - Steve Garr)

Never say never"" is my best advice to bluebirders everywhere. Just when you think you can make sweeping statements, an exception seems to ""pop up."" I use what works best for me on my trails. Others will eventually find out what works best for them on theirs!"(Quote by - Ann Wick, WI)

Checking on a bluebird trail is like opening one Christmas present after another. Each box has a surprise inside. (Quote by - Helen S. Munro)

A man who never sees a bluebird only half lives. (Quote by - Lewis Gannett )

There is no longer any justification for the random, unofficial collection of birds' eggs by amateurs, and the causal destruction of nests and nestlings, such as occurred in the past in some rural areas, was not justified at any time. (Quote by - Baicich and Harrison)

Over increasingly large areas of the United States, spring now comes unheralded by the return of the birds, and the early mornings are strangely silent where once they were filled with the beauty of bird song. (Quote by - Rachel Carson)

Somehow this all reminds me of the small boy who was walking along a beach throwing a few of the thousands of starfish stranded and dying at low tide back into the water. When asked how this could possibly make a difference, he said "It makes a difference to this one!" as he threw another back in. (Quote by - Bob Walshaw)

Most of New York is dominated by just three birds...House Sparrows, European Starlings and pigeons. Although scientists are too spineless these days to divide the natural world into good and bad animals, I'm here to tell you that these are bad birds. They are messy. They have unappealing songs. They are not native to America. (Quote by - Brad Klein)

I am a nervous wreck. I have to keep telling myself, birds know how to do this.... (Quote by - Nancy Castleberry)

Welcome to the life long learning experience of blue birding. Just when ya think ya got it figured out, nature fools ya. (Quote by - Jay Brindo)

Cease to violate the laws of nature, and of nature's God, by the destruction of these his creatures, and by every available means afford them protection, and promote their comfort and consequent multiplication. (Quote by - R. Michener)

A bluebird, famous for the scrap of sky Borne on his back - an indigo so bright That just a glimpse of his distinctive flight, All swoop and flurry, captivates the eye ... (Quote by - George Bradley)

I think HOSP often follow other birds into the boxes and corner them with intent of using the box, reducing competition, or perhaps the HOSP brain is just hard wired to kill and he doesn't really think about it. His motives do stir my curiousity, but his actions spur mine. (Quote by - Paula Ziebarth)

This beautiful and singularly lovable bird divides with the Robin the grateful mission of bringing to its northern friends the welcome news that spring is at hand. (Quote by - George Gladden, 1917)

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