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Jokes- If Baby Names Were Chosen Based On Parent’s Profession

If Baby Names Were Chosen Based On Parent’s Profession
Animal trainer’s son: Leo
Announcer’s son: Mike
Astrologer’s son: Leo
Astronomer’s daughter: Star
Auto mechanic’s son: Jack
Automobile salesman’s daughter: Mercedes
Baker’s daughter: Cookie
Barber’s son: Harry
Beggar’s daughter – Penny
Birdwatcher's son: Jay
Boxer’s son: Jim
Burger joint owner’s daughter: Patty
Butcher’s son: Chuck
Mechanic’s son: Otto
Cartoonist’s son: Drew
Cat breeder’s son: Tom
Cattle thief’s son: Russell
CEO’s son: Rich
Chauffeur’s son: Brigham
Clothing manufacturer’s daughter: Polly Esther
Collection agency executive’s son: Bill
College chancellor’s son: Dean
Comedian’s son – Josh
Commercial Fisherman’s daughter: Annette
Computer programmer’s son: Chip
Cook’s son: Stu
Crocheter’s daughter: Lacey
Day-trader’s daughter: Hope
Dentist’s son – Payne
Doorman’s son: Matt
Drapery manufacturer’s sons: Curt and Rod
Dressmaker’s son: Taylor
Fisherman’s son: Rod
Flag-maker’s daughter: Waverly
Florist’s son: Bud
Fly fisherman’s son: Wade
Furniture polisher’s daughter: Buffy
Gambler’s daughter: Betty
Gambler’s son: Chip
Geneticist’s son: Gene
Gymnast’s son: Matt
Highway Patrolman’s son: Chase
Hospital nurse’s son: Ward
Hot-dog vendor’s son: Frank
Instruction book author: Manuel
Iron worker’s son: Rusty
Irrigation consultant’s daughter: Brooke
Janitor’s son: Dustin
Junk yard owner’s son: Rex
Justice of the peace’s daughter: Mary
Lawyer’s daughter: Sue
Lawyer’s son: Will
Maid’s son: Dusty
Manicurist’s son: Hans
Messenger’s son: Harold
Meteorologist’s daughters: Haley, Gail, Sunny, Misty
Miner’s son: Cole or Steele
Minister’s daughter: Faith
Minister’s son: Neal
Mob Boss’s son: Don
Mountaineer’s son: Cliff
Movie star’s son: Oscar
Museum curator’s son: Art
Optician’s daughter – Iris
Orchestra leader’s daughter: Viola
Orthotic maker’s daughter: Eileen
Painter’s sons: Art and Hugh
Peace officer’s son: Marshall
Plumber’s daughter: Piper
Plumber’s sons: John and Lou
Porter’s son: Cary
Realtor’s son: Homer
Researcher’s son: Grant
Sheet rocker’s son: Wally
Sound stage technician’s son: Mike
Steam shovel operator’s son: Doug
Tanning salon owner's son: Ray
Tennis player’s son: Ace
Thief’s son: Rob
Tire installer’s son: Jack
Trout fisher’s daughter: Brook
Undertaker’s sons: Barry and Doug
University lecturer’s son: Boris
Wire-fencer’s daughter: Barb
Woodworker’s daughter: Peg

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