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Widow Quotes
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By twice born men a widow must not be appointed to ,cohabit with any other ,than her husband , for they who appoint ,her to another ,man , will violate the eternal law. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

It's unbelievable. No one, let alone the widow of a former president, should live like this. The least we could do is fix the hole in the living room ceiling. (Quote by - Rasim Ljajic)

I've had two proposals since I've been a widow. I am a wonderful catch, you know. I have a lot of money. (Quote by - Ruth Rendell)

He ,who is appointed to ,cohabit with the widow shall ,approach her at night anointed with clarified butter and silent, ,and beget one son, by no means a second. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

The soul bride shall never be a widow, she shall never suffer sorrow. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

He'll never be here for me to grow old with. He was my life. He was my love. He was my heart and soul. Never did I think that at the age of 31 I'd be a widow. (Quote by - Army Sgt.)

Can anyone understand how it is to have lived in the White House and then, suddenly, to be living alone as the President's widow? (Quote by - Jackie Kennedy)

At thirty-three . . . Lilian Aldwinkle appealed to all the instinctive bigamist in one. She was eighteen in the attics and widow Dido on the floors below. (Quote by - Aldous Huxley)

I'm a football widow, I guess, except for nights like this. (Quote by - Jackie Castle)

She shall never become a widow, she shall always be a happy bride. (Quote by - Guru Gobind Singh)

Though the 'widow year' is nonsense, the fact people avoid it reflects strong desire for a happy marriage. (Quote by - Zhang Youde)

Mark Antony in his famous funeral oration in Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' says that he came not to praise Caesar, but to bury him. This week, at the funeral for the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King, two of the speakers, Jimmy Carter and Rev. Joseph Lowery, might have opened their remarks by saying that they came not to bury Coretta Scott King, but to bash [President] Bush, which is exactly what they proceeded to do. (Quote by - Lee Harris)

The ignorant soul bride wanders in delusion, in the love of duality, she sits like a widow. She sits like a widow, in the love of duality, infatuated with Maya, she suffers in pain. She grows old, and her body withers away. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

In most instances, the most sound advice to offer a recent widow or widower is to do nothing drastic - and very little is more drastic than selling one's home. (Quote by - Francis Degen)

Some undone widow sits upon mine arm,/ And takes away the use of it; 1 and my sword,/ Glued to my scabbard with wronged orphans' tears,/ Will not be drawn. (Quote by - Philip Massinger)

A widow of doubtful age will marry almost any sort of a white man. (Quote by - Horace Greeley)

The widow cries out at the door, The light of my mind has gone out, O my mother, with his death. So cry out, O soul brides of the Husband Lord, and dwell on the Glorious Praises of the True Lord. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

She was in a difficult position being the widow of a great American hero, a role that carried high expectations but she did a credible job of continuing Dr King's dream especially in the face of a changing and often hostile American public. (Quote by - Morris Dees)

The poor fatherless baby of eight months is now the utterly broken-hearted and crushed widow of forty-two! My life as a happy one is ended! the world is gone for me! If I must live on (and I will do nothing to make me worse than I am), it is henceforth for our poor fatherless children -- for my unhappy country, which has lost all in losing him -- and in only doing what I know and feel he would wish. (Quote by - Queen Victoria)

Learn how to choose ideal plants for a beautiful desert landscape, how to install your own water-saving irrigation yourself, even how to calmly deal with the occasional scorpion, black widow or western diamondback rattler you might encounter while turning over rocks in your yard. (Quote by - Paul Wolterbeek)

Kay was an extraordinary person. As a bereaved widow, [she] surprised everyone with her strength to take over the Washington Post to make it one of the world's great newspapers. She is greatly admired, of course, everywhere in the very competitive world of politics and publishing. (Quote by - Walter Cronkite)

The reason why I would say it is a Christian-based ministry is because our hearts want to follow the example of the Lord where He said take care of those in need. Take care of the widow; take care of the woman that has no husband and the fatherless. That's what we want to do. We want to put tires on that and take it out onto the road. (Quote by - Joanne Laubach)

Standing among savage scenery, the hotel offers stupendous revelations. There is a French widow in every bedroom, affording delightful prospects. (Quote by - Gerard Hoffnung)

Widow. The word consumes itself. (Quote by - Sylvia Plath)

A person may rightfully be happy if in this life he could do a great favor for widows and orphans, could assist support than, and facilitate fate of people. (Quote by - Islom Karimov)

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