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He who marries a widow with three children, marries four thieves (Quote by - Proverb)

I consider it monstrous that leaders of Serbia and Montenegro have failed to provide adequate security guarantees to the widow of Slobodan Milosevic. (Quote by - Sergei Baburin)

When the purpose of the appointment to ,cohabit with the widow bas been attained in accordance with the law, those two shall behave towards each other like a father and a daughter in law. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

The body bride is separated, and defrauded by falsehood, she is now a widow the dead body lies in the courtyard. (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

The problem, though, is with the precedent, ... If you were a firefighter on 9-11 and you ran into the World Trade Center, your widow got $7 million or $8 million. But if you were a firefighter and you ran into a burning building on 9-12, your death benefit was something like $250,000. (Quote by - Steven Brill)

Widow" is a harsh and hurtful word. It comes from the Sanskrit and it means "empty." I have been empty too long. (Quote by - Lynn Caine)

I've always been passionate about what I do and want to do it well, ... My wife says she's a widow to the computer. (Quote by - Scott Simon)

Alexander's widow came to Galesburg for the movie showing at the Orpheum. I think it opened at several theatres around the country at the same time. (Quote by - Ronald Reagan)

Doctors refer to the left anterior descending artery as the widow maker. It was about 90 percent blocked. He needed to get this done much sooner than later. I talked to him today and he was in good spirits. He'll be fine. (Quote by - Todd Musburger)

That wasn't right. That old trailer wasn't in no condition for anyone to be in, let alone a 99-year-old widow. I mean, there were rats in it, you know. (Quote by - Sue Dorster)

He attacked the nurses, he attacked widow's pensions, he attacked firefighters, he attacked teachers, and the California public has said 'No' to this governor, (Quote by - Roseanne)

I'm only upset that I'm not a widow. [On her ex-husband Tom Arnold] (Quote by - Roseanne)

Little Charlie was delivered by a C-section and not expected to live. I'm a widow with no children . . . I'm just a small time (cat) shower . . . This is like losing three children in one fell swoop. (Quote by - Iris Tanner)

Work thou not on energized equipment, for if thou dost, thy fellow workers will surely buy beers for thy widow and console her in other ways. (Quote by - Seventh Commandment)

I want the troops home, and I want the president to tell me why my husband had to go to Iraq, and why I had to become a widow at age 26, and why my son will never meet his daddy, (Quote by - John House)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy -- a Jill a rich widow. (Quote by - Evan Esar)

She's usually seen as the widow of Martin Luther King. But in reality, she's much more than that. (Quote by - Dr. Corann Okorodudu)

Coretta Scott King was clearly more than the widow of Dr. Martin Luther King. She was an icon in her own right. (Quote by - Willie Pearson)

He that would woo a maid must feign, lie and flatter, but he that woos a widow must down with his britches and at her (Quote by - Nathaniel Smith)

I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to preserve the Social Security promise that provides secure retirement benefits for all, especially those who are most at risk such as widows, orphans, and people with disabilities when the need arises. (Quote by - Chaka Fattah)

If a woman abandoned by her husband, or a widow, of her own accord contracts a second marriage and bears ,a son , he is called the son of a re married woman . (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

And right after he dies, they contact his widow. (Quote by - Kevin Anderson)

Widows are divided into two classes; the bereaved and the relieved. (Quote by - Victor Robinson)

The steel workers have now buried their dead, while the widows weep and watch their orphaned children become objects of public charity. The murder of these unarmed men has never been publicly rebuked by any authoritative officer of the state or federal government. (Quote by - John L. Lewis)

If the widow of a man who died without leaving issue, raises up to him a son by a member of the family , she shall deliver to that ,son the whole property which belonged to the ,deceased . (Quote by - Guru Nanak)

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