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In all our cities there is always some sort of casbah, crumbling, decadent in the literal sense where the greatest historical distance assures the greatest unreality. (Quote by - Rich Mann)

The old Ocean Park area near the Santa Monica-Venice border and the old Venice Canal area were the world's chicest slums. (Quote by - Roy Marinell)

Venice, California, has seldom been an entirely respectable place (Quote by - John Arthur Maynard)

In its high-floating, quirky visions and stubborn, off-handed poverty, Venice was a brave and deliberate affront to an American Dream that worked. (Quote by - John Arthur Maynard)

The boardwalk is like the beating heart of America. You can be normal; you can be strange. It's so rad. (Quote by - Sean O'Keefe)

The throng is probably a modern-day equivalent of the Capernaum of Jesus's time. (Quote by - Richard Omura)

Venice Beach is the last great bastion of free speech in the world. (Quote by - Arhata Osho)

When you come to Venice, you do special work. (Quote by - Bruce Paltrow)

Men & women of venice, lovers, children, holy citizens of the heavenly city all around you there is the sweet air of love. (Quote by - Stuart Z. Perkoff)

Venice morning, oceanfront walk people of venice, smiling, sunned, enchanted venice magic dazzling eyes with world, with city with street & ocean. (Quote by - Stuart Z. Perkoff)

It's a fault line where the flotsam and energy that washes up from the Pacific collides with all of urban America crashing in from the other direction. (Quote by - Antoine Predock)

Venice is like no place else. (Quote by - Dylan Rush)

Everything was happening all the time. You never needed television. (Quote by - Barbet Schroeder)

This is the only place that I don't feel out of place, because everyone here is out of place. (Quote by - Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Nobody's out of place in Venice. (Quote by - Ronald Shusett)

Venice is a place where the past is still hanging around, waiting for an appointment with the future; but the future hasn't shown up. In the meantime it is a kind of no man's land, given up by default and occupied by irregulars and their dogs. (Quote by - Jack Smith)

Time goes by, but the magic remains. (Quote by - Jim Smith)

Venice, California is known as one of the most unique, exciting and stubborn communities in the Los Angeles area. (Quote by - Professor Arnold Springer)

I don't know of any place that loves so passionately, hates so vehemently, or forgives so easily as Venice. (Quote by - Moe Stavnezer)

Venice is a transitional point, a deconditioning chamber, vitally needed for our nation's and the World's survival. (Quote by - Sweet William)

I've been kind of submerged in my own little geographic location for a really long time in Venice Beach. (Quote by - Amber Tamblyn)

The Venice sky is tactile. You can hold its light in your palms. (Quote by - Philomene Long Thomas)

It is pretty creepy and dirty, but it was really interesting seeing all the personalities cruising around. Everyone there wants to talk with you, but I wouldn't call it a friendly place ever - it's weird ! (Quote by - Alexis Waite)

Venice is a world view, a condition. (Quote by - Eva Windmoller)

No one wants to play at Venice Beach by themselves because then you really look like a loser. (Quote by - David Young)

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