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All this cut-price transcendentalism does not prevent California from being a startlingly physical state. This becomes most obvious where Los Angeles saunters down to the sea. The region is called Venice. (Quote by - Quentin Crisp)

The gymnasiacs of Venice, in California, are so addicted to these practices that there has arisen a nation of men who can no longer put their arms against their sides (Quote by - Quentin Crisp)

When a guy walks up to me and starts talking and I turn to look at him, I can't tell if he's a millionaire or a pauper. You can't tell in Venice. (Quote by - Rip Cronk)

The situation in the film is like me going out to Venice Beach and talking to a homeless guy on the boardwalk, and 13 years later he's the president. (Quote by - John Cusack)

To me, Venice and Ocean Park were gaiety. I had not been allowed to go to those things as a youngster. (Quote by - Marion Davies)

Venice Beach is a combination of the tacky, the mindless, the ironic, and the novel. (Quote by - Freelance Dionysian)

People here can go along at whatever pace makes them comfortable. (Quote by - Ed Emshwiller)

Venice is a sanctuary. (Quote by - Bob Farrington)

Anais Nin adores Venice, the refuge of poor artists, and Venice Beach with its carnival atmosphere, white sand, and the pull of the sea. (Quote by - Noel Riley Fitch)

You couldn't drive through Oakwood without feeling the currents of venom, everybody overcharged, wary, and watching, the asphalt itself vibrating with tension. (Quote by - Ruth Francisco)

Interested scholars and city officials have travelled across the country to study and attempt to understand the complex social patterns on the Venice boardwalk. (Quote by - William Franklin)

I might love a man, but I love Venice more. (Quote by - Anna Haag)

Every step in this town is a damn shame. (Quote by - John Hamilton)

Unique among the world's Bohemias (Quote by - Gordon J. Hazlitt)

This is the end. This is as far as you can go. After this it all starts over again. (Quote by - Tony Hendra looking out over the Pacific)

My experience in Venice tells me the world is starving for real art. (Quote by - David Hinnebusch)

You can see darn near anything just by walking along the beachfront from Venice to Malibu. (Quote by - Del Howison)

Venice is as far west as you can get - in every way. (Quote by - Keith Kirts)

America's smorgasbord of the rationally challenged. (Quote by - Doug Lansky)

Yet for all the childish innocence of its bizarre glamor, Venice developed an atmosphere, or became the outpost of a sinister deep-rooted power. It is a place of dreams, not only the tinseled ones. (Quote by - Fritz Leiber)

Venice has been the living future of contemporary American history since its inception. (Quote by - Liam)

Venice West is to Los Angeles what the Left Bank once was to Paris. (Quote by - Lawrence Lipton)

The allure of Venice Beach is the relative freedom which still exists there. It doesn't have the most beautiful sand or ocean. It doesn't have anything unique except its freedom and its tradition of this freedom. (Quote by - Mark Madow)

It's America's global village - a place where the visitor becomes part of the spectrum of what is happening. It's all about sharing talents, skills, music, food and art. A message in a bottle of what California is all about. (Quote by - Marc Madow)

Street performers, homemade crafts, keep your wallet in your front pocket and don't buy any crap! (Quote by - Camryn Manheim)

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