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All quiet along the Potomac to-night, No sound save the rush of the river, While soft falls the dew on the face of the dead - The picket's off duty forever. (Quote by - Ethel Lynn Beers)

A little with quiet is the only diet. (Quote by - Proverb)

It's very quiet and lackluster. I was looking for the markets to come up slightly because of a modest rally in the Deutsche mark-dollar. But even that has started to come down again. (Quote by - Ian Harnett)

We're in what I call the dog days of August. It's quiet, it's slow. Most market participants are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for some definitive sign from the economic numbers. (Quote by - Peter Chandler)

It's his special place, that's for sure. I think for him it's so calm back there, and it's quiet. That gives him the quiet time to sit and think. (Quote by - Tiffani O'Neal)

The room went very quiet after the penalty shootout. (Quote by - Peter Wards)

We object strongly to the current LDP executives' way of doing things. We cannot quietly sit and wait when they are now backing candidates to run against us as assassins. (Quote by - Tamisuke Watanuki)

a quiet worker but a very productive one and a great one for the state of Georgia. (Quote by - Roy Barnes)

We are a little more reserved. We just kind of go about our job in a quiet way. (Quote by - Mark Loretta)

Depending on the room setup, stay in the back or quietly pull up a chair, (Quote by - Marjorie Brody)

We've been playing in some fairly quiet gyms, so this was more of a playoff-type atmosphere. It was good, the kids had to make a lot of decisions on their own and I thought overall they did really well. (Quote by - Ron Pucci)

Don't tiptoe. Everyone sees you. Just get set up quickly and quietly and get ready to be part of the meeting. (Quote by - Marjorie Brody)

He's the quiet clown of the team. He's not that outgoing, but there's a comedian inside him that comes out every once in a while. (Quote by - Eddie Sinnott)

It is difficult to keep quiet if you have nothing to do (Quote by - Arthur Schopenhauer)

He was a very soft-spoken, quiet guy who thought deeply. He was a very kind colleague who didn't try to lord it over other people. It was a kind of respect you don't run into a lot in academia. (Quote by - Dan Smith)

If there is no quiet in Israel, we will respond seven times. (Quote by - Yoav Galant)

China's new exchange rate regime has kept the China critics quiet for a while, but I think the honeymoon period's coming to an end pretty soon. (Quote by - Rob Subbaraman)

Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full current of human life. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

Greenspan wants to go out quietly. (Quote by - Gregory Miller)

I think it's Rachel starting to show what Rachel can do. Rachel's a very quiet kid who I think has always been very unselfish. We want her to be more assertive and now she's starting to be more assertive. (Quote by - Dave Johnson)

She's a surprise. She's so quiet and so soft spoken. I think this is bringing her out of her shell. (Quote by - Teresa Pelletier)

No matter what team I'm on, it's not going to be quiet. I'll see to that. I'm the type of guy to keep everyone loose, before the game and after the game. (Quote by - Orlando Hudson)

This week is expected to be quiet with no major earnings reports, ... reached a bottom but a sharp upturn is unlikely. (Quote by - Khuram Chaudhry)

I got in a quiet room and talked to the mayor and her brother [Jake Evans] and told them what the evidence was and that I was going to turn it over to the solicitor. The next day, their mom came to see me. (Quote by - Charles Williams)

When she got quiet, I kept asking her questions, (Quote by - Cheryl Brown)

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