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He works quietly behind the scenes, and very effectively. (Quote by - Tom Chapman)

Win or lose, people are still going to make comments. If we win, people might be quiet for a day or two. (Quote by - Cody Hodges)

It was a total and complete shock. You don't expect that. Not here its really quiet out here. (Quote by - Faith Thornton)

She started off really quiet and we all yelled at her for it. We told her she had to speak up more and hang out with us more. We told her it would make us a better team. (Quote by - Leah Maxwell)

It's quiet because they're solving, but it's electric in the room. There's a feeling of tension, a good feeling of tension. When the first person says 'Done,' there's a good feeling in the room. (Quote by - Will Shortz)

As a young assistant, he was monk-like. He was a very quiet guy, but he was lethal. Like a quiet assassin. (Quote by - V. Grady O'Malley)

He's one politician I've watched do things the quiet way. I learned from him, don't get upset, just keep working on the issue. (Quote by - Nancy White)

We're still the defending state champions, and we're not going to go quietly in any game. (Quote by - Jon Pearlman)

It's very quiet. In general institutional investors are not willing to move before the Fed makes its call. (Quote by - Koji Muneoka)

David [Beckham] should think that talking is silver, but being quiet is golden. (Quote by - Sven Goran Eriksson)

She's dropped, and see how he's standing quiet? He didn't take off. In a normal situation, they take off, but these horses are taught that if that line of communication is broken if anything is abnormal stop. (Quote by - Margo Dewkett)

It's a somber moment. He was very gentlemanlike, quiet, well respected and very, very athletic. (Quote by - Victor Lucatorto)

At night, it's perfectly quiet. And it's just so easy to hop off the freeway and drive back here. (Quote by - Cynthia Lockhart)

All we wanted to do is make it quiet in there. I've been this close to Anthony Roberson [at Rupp], and I couldn't hear a word he said. (Quote by - Joakim Noah)

It can be a bit of a hindrance when you walk into a restaurant for a quiet meal and one or two launch into 'Psycho, Psycho'! (Quote by - Stuart Pearce)

It's been very, very quiet. We've heard a number of players pulling back from the market, both investors and the dealer community alike. (Quote by - Bill Hornbarger)

She's just a very nice girl, very quiet and very hard working. She's in a sport that's not traditionally for girls and she's excelling. (Quote by - Ken Klein)

We committed to them that we would provide a quiet, intimate location for their meeting, and that's what we've committed to do. (Quote by - Greg Miller)

The best of all monopoly profits is a quiet life. (Quote by - J R Hicks)

With the exception of the Dow, it was eerily quiet, waiting for Cisco's results, ... The Dow is clearly the strongest today and it's because there's still a lot of money flowing out of technology. (Quote by - Ned Riley)

I just try to stay out of everyone's way and keep quiet. We're both quiet, I guess. But Joe can surprise you. (Quote by - Justin Morneau)

Until it quiets down, we won't have him. (Quote by - Mike Holmgren)

She means a lot to this team in all aspects. She goes about things quietly and gets the job done. (Quote by - Nikki Fennern)

I guess my idea of a good audience is one that's quiet and listens, but also that's alive: they respond, they're getting the jokes, they're with me. And that' s been happening. (Quote by - Dan Hicks)

He was a quiet ground-breaker, ... Many of his accomplishments go unrecognized because he did things in a quiet way. (Quote by - Harry Pachon)

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