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FIU had the biggest pool in the area, .. It was the first choice and it was the best choice. (Quote by - Louis Leterrier)

President Joe Banner said Terrell Owens could play for the Eagles under his current contract or not play at all. I'm not sure he still believes that, .. but we've said from day one those were the choices on the table, and he had to make a choice between one of the two things. That's not going to change. (Quote by - Joe Banner)

We don't have any choice now. With Nate being out, we don't have much choice whether we wanted to bring him along slowly. We gave him a lot of plays the other day. He had a lot of plays and played OK. (Quote by - Mike Tice)

It is not a choice of life, it is a choice of death. If this is life, I'd rather die. (Quote by - Ferdinand E. Marcos)

The number of choices you make in the event that you see on stage, those choices are sometimes largely determined by the rehearsal process and the experiments that you go through and the choices that you make in the rehearsal room, not in front of an audience. (Quote by - Ben Kingsley)

Now women have a choice. It's good news, because we're giving you a choice with fewer side effects. (Quote by - Leslie Ford)

Video choice is important to consumers, this company and the future of broadband. For these reasons, we openly encourage the efforts of consumer and related organizations that support video choice reforms. (Quote by - David Fish)

Everybody knows what that is really about. He had to make a choice, the young guy Bryant or the old guy. He made his choice, and good luck with his choice. (Quote by - Shaquille O'Neal)

We have some awfully good choices. They all want to be in the game. Sometimes the choices are made for you, sometimes there are some difficult choices to be made. That's what we hope happens. (Quote by - Grady Little)

This contest between the secular and religious visions of government is really the main choice to be made. It won't be decided in one election, but it is a basic choice between an open and progressive Iraq and one that is backward and continues to fall behind. (Quote by - Adnan Pachachi)

We are not defined by our trials, but by how we face them. We are all afraid; bravery is a choice, that though you may lose, you shall never be defeated. (Quote by - Jill Pendley)

From Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe, we see the same patterns of under-representation and stereotyped portrayal of women in the news. The reason for these patterns is complicated. From the story angle and the choice of interview questions to the use of language and the choice of images; all these have a bearing on the messages that emerge in the news. These patterns are deeply rooted not only in professional practice, but in wider social assumptions about female and male attributes, roles and competencies. (Quote by - Anna Turley)

They had a choice to make. The country as a whole and the individual cities and towns were divided into two schools of thought -- loyalists, and rebels who wanted independence from the crown. Acton made a choice that night; they cast their lot for independence. (Quote by - Stephen Crosby)

Regrets are those decisions we made thinking that we don't have choices. (Quote by - zintle dyantyi)

Competition lowers costs and increases choices for consumers. It's especially important that consumers have choices when it comes to life-saving medical treatments (such as those) involved in transactions such as this one. (Quote by - Jeffrey Schmidt)

Presently, we have very little choice for some parents. It's one thing to say you have choice, and then there's no capacity in the schools they might select. (Quote by - Jack Lamb)

We human beings do have some genuine freedom of choice and therefore some effective control over our own destinies. I am not a determinist. But I also believe that the decisive choice is seldom the latest choice in the series. More often than not, it will turn out to be some choice made relatively far back in the past. (Quote by - Arnold Toynbee)

It's really their last attempt to try to give a frame to this choice that the public can grasp. It's one of the things that's been difficult for each of them in this campaign, to really frame the choice that the public's going to make in a compelling way, .. This debate gives each side the opportunity to really try to frame for the public what the election's about, and to give the public a better sense of what they're about. (Quote by - Robert Holsworth)

He (Hodgson) would have been my first choice as well. He led my choices. He's a great bloke and a good friend. I support him 100 percent. (Quote by - Scott Prince)

The ACLU has not given up on free speech in Tennessee. Tennessee residents who are pro-choice should have just as much right to express their view on a specialty license plate as those residents who are anti-choice. (Quote by - Hedy Weinberg)

We wanted to sign two quarterbacks last year and didn't. Since I've been here, we didn't have choices at quarterback. Now we have choices .. I'm excited to have a quarterback roster that looks like an SEC quarterback roster, instead of one semi-experienced guy and a freshman, then a bunch of walk-ons. (Quote by - Rich Brooks)

We have a lot choices, and he's certainly one of those choices. Whoever's in that fifth spot is probably going to be a younger guy. (Quote by - Jim Leyland)

Who would not, finding way, break loose from hell, . . . . And boldly venture to whatever place Farthest from pain? (Quote by - John Milton)

You don't know if this will be the shareholders' choice, or a political choice. For the steel industry, this is Microsoft buying Apple. (Quote by - Michelle Applebaum)

The only choice that we lack is the choice to choose. (Quote by - Leif Ericsson Leo Veness)

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