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The message was, the choices you make can have bad consequences. Everyone has the power of choice. Just like this kid had the power of choice to steal my car. (Quote by - Caren Brady)

It is an unfortunate truth of experiential reality that choices are not clear-cut, and the event window for choice may vanish before the information enabling the choice is present. (Quote by - Eluki bes Shahar)

So go ahead, say the experts, acknowledge that anger and let other people know what you're feeling. When women are conscious of this strong sensation, says Cox, they have a better chance of using it in a constructive way. Anger is just a bodily reaction, a signal that a wrong has taken place, something needs correcting or the demands on a woman exceed her ability to handle them. We don't have choices about when we feel it, .. But we do have choices about what we do with it. (Quote by - Deborah Cox)

A society that thinks the choice between ways of living is just a choice between equally eligible "lifestyles" turns universities into academic cafeterias offering junk food for the mind. (Quote by - George F. Will)

What I have to try to do is get guys to do their job to the best of their ability and make good choices while they're doing that. You have to make good choices while you're out there. Then, if you find out a guy cannot make good choices, you need to try to replace him. (Quote by - Romeo Crennel)

There are some choices that we have in the United States that makes us what we are. But then sometimes our choices can be made for us, that is how the government works. (Quote by - Steve Palmer)

School choice is one of the strongest ways we have to educate our children, .. believes in school choice and he is going to work hard to enact school choice. (Quote by - Ari Fleischer)

Choices are what makes life what it is to you,they Make or Break U--NO In BETWENS--U either get it Good or get it Bad but U keep moving.". (Quote by - Sabrina Grijalva)

Your choices today determine your tomorrow and you make your life through the power of choice. (Quote by - Contributed by: Maria Green)

From a personnel standpoint, there is not a tremendous amount of options, .. We think the guys who are out there have a chance for us to get a good return. We are not making good choices. Some of them have been close choices, but they get called, so that's on us. (Quote by - Romeo Crennel)

To be tragic, in a Greek sense, you have to have a choice, .. And you make the wrong choice. It's a flawed person caught in a bad situation. The protagonist realizes he's done something wrong and is willing to take the consequences. The attitude is, I'll take whatever fate has decreed. (Quote by - John Iorio)

What the Democrats are trying to do is make this a referendum about Bush. What we are saying is, 'Look, this is about a choice.' The strategy is to go out and define what this choice is going to be about and that's what you are beginning to see. (Quote by - David Winston)

You have a choice. Live or die. Every breath is a choice. Every minute is a choice. To be or not to be. (Quote by - Chuck Palahniuk)

What is encouraging to us is a lot of people seem to recognize that if they don't support the 'mom and pop stores' they will go away and then their only choices will be the 'big boxes' and they know that they won't be happy with those as their only choices. (Quote by - Lana Stanley)

I think we've made a bold choice in terms of how to answer that question. Some people will not like it, but I think a lot of people will like it, but no one will accuse us of copping out and taking the easy solution, or making a choice that is just confounding, like going into the hatch and finding another hatch. (Quote by - Carlton Cuse)

Life often presents us with a choice of evils, rather than of goods. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

Bitterness is a choice that usually comes after you encounter personal injustice. Choose Love. It is easier to live with. (Quote by - kim booher)

Our choice of people to associate with, both personally and businesswise, is one of the most important choices you make. If you associate with turkeys, you will never fly with the eagles. (Quote by - Contributed by: George Lewis)

Between two stools one sits on the ground. (Quote by - Francois Rabelais)

Good people make good friends, and good friends make good choices, and good choices make good character. (Quote by - A.J. Chilson)

There's such a thing as too much choice. If you give seniors a bunch of choices as opposed to a few, their typical reaction is to throw up their hands and take no choices. (Quote by - David Lipschutz)

One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes .. and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility. (Quote by - Eleanor Roosevelt)

Sky had no choice. We had no choice. (Quote by - Blake Ahearn)

We need to stop viewing them as a choice. The patients feel guilty; the providers tell them things like they should just eat; parents are blamed; the insurance companies won't fund treatment because they think it's a choice. It's held us back for decades. (Quote by - Cynthia Bulik)

What choice do we have when the government has neither the will nor know-how on how to control these people? In Mexico, organized crime is above the law. We have no choice but to take these measures in order to protect the lives of our reporters. It's that simple. (Quote by - Ramon Cantu Deandar)

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