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Boldness Quotes
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In desperate matters the boldest counsels are the safest. (Quote by - Livy)

If you choose something that's really bold, it can really stand on its own. (Quote by - Aimee Sands)

A stout heart breaks bad luck. (Quote by - Miguel de Cervantes)

It's a rather bold move. It's an enormous acquisition and it's coming very quickly after a very complicated merger with St. Paul-Travelers. It's not terribly likely because they'll have trouble getting their investor base in line. (Quote by - Paul Newsome)

Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

Boldness is a mask for fear, however great. (Quote by - F. L. Lucan)

I want a medal around my neck at the MCG in March and I'm not making any bold statements that I'll win gold, but I want to make the final. Anything is possible from there and I can't wait to prove I have what it takes. (Quote by - Josh Ross)

Yield not to evils, but attack all the more boldly. (Quote by - Virgil)

I wouldn't be as bold as to say that. There's still rain to come, but not for the next week. (Quote by - Steve Anderson)

We make way for the man who boldly pushes past us. (Quote by - Christian Nevell Bovee)

There Is No Strong Performance Without A Little Fanaticism In The Performer. (Quote by - Sahil)

It's really a bold initiative. However, budget constraints could stop us once again. And that's my fear. (Quote by - David Lawson)

Also, I liked John Cage's music. I liked it for its craziness, the use of silence, the boldness-anything to get me away from writing about.. I don't know what academic poets write about. (Quote by - Kenneth Koch)

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

The boldness to believe in nothing Fathers and Sons. (Quote by - Ivan Turgenev)

We just really do not have the kind of bold document that we would like to see that would be a message to people that there really is change in Washington, that the era of big government is over,. (Quote by - John Kasich)

He's been a giant in the industry here for several decades. He's been one of the most innovative and bold developers in the Houston area. (Quote by - Jeff Hall)

Boldness is a child of ignorance. (Quote by - Francis Bacon)

At the center of Bold Moves are the choices people make every day about how to live their lives - that's what drives the action. (Quote by - Cisco Codina)

Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

When a work lifts your spirits and inspires bold and noble thoughts in you, do not look for any other standard to judge by: the work is good, the product of a master craftsman. (Quote by - Jean de la Bruyere)

I speak as concerning reproach, as though we had been weak. Howbeit whereinsoever any is bold, (I speak foolishly,) I am bold also. (Quote by - Bible)

You've got to be in a position for luck to happen. Luck doesn't go around looking for a stumblebum. (Quote by - Darrell Royal)

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. (Quote by - Oprah Winfrey)

Creative thinking sets us apart from animals. Persistence, bold actions, reckless abandon in thought and dream - these things I breathe harder for. (Quote by - Joseph Hummel)

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