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As thou these ashes, little brook, wilt bear Into the Avon, Avon to the tide Of Severn, Severn to the narrow seas, Into main ocean they, this deed accursed An emblem yields to friends and enemies How the bold teacher's doctrine, sanctified By truth, shall spread, throughout the world dispersed. (Quote by - William Wordsworth)

The Mask "Put off that mask of burning gold With emerald eyes." "O no, my dear, you make so bold To find if hearts be wild and wise, And yet not cold." "I would but find what's there to find, Love or deceit." "It was the mask engaged your mind, And after set your heart to beat, Not what's behind." "But lest you are my enemy, I must enquire." "O no, my dear, let all that be, What matter, so there is but fire In you, in me"(Quote by - William Butler Yeats)

The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers. (Quote by - Brian Greene)

You must play boldly to win. (Quote by - Arnold Palmer)

Act honestly, and answer boldly. (Quote by - Danish Proverb)

No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess. (Quote by - Sir Isaac Newton)

We ask the president to heed his own advisory council, which has called on him to be bold and express leadership. (Quote by - Elizabeth Birch)

Science is the century-old endeavor to bring together by means of systematic thought the perceptible phenomena of this world into as thorough-going an association as possible. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

We have offered a bold proposal on agriculture. It includes the deepest cuts in domestic subsidies and in tariffs of any proposal on the table. I can tell you that American farmers and their advocates in Congress are keenly aware that our agriculture proposal has real consequences, and would entail real reform. (Quote by - Christin Baker)

All good fortune is a gift of the gods, and ... you don't win the favor of the ancient gods by being good, but by being bold. (Quote by - Anita Brookner)

After all the bold talk, it's a slap on the wrist that can be paid with just 7.5 seconds of Super Bowl ad time, .. This decision sets a puzzling precedent by failing to hold all licensees responsible for the material broadcast over their stations. Why announce such a thorough investigation, if we just let some of the stations that broadcast this material completely off the hook?. (Quote by - Jonathan Adelstein)

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

Youth is full of sport, age's breath is short; youth is nimble, age is lame; Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold; Youth is wild, and age is tame. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

He supports Prime Minister (Ariel) Sharon in this bold initiative and believes this will strengthen Israel. (Quote by - Dana Perino)

To put it boldly, it is the attempt at a posterior reconstruction of existence by the process of conceptualization. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

If I speak to thee in friendship's name, thou think'st I speak too coldly, if I mention love's devoted flame, thou say'st I speak too boldly. (Quote by - Thomas More)

The Dead-Beat He dropped, - more sullenly than wearily, Lay stupid like a cod, heavy like meat, And none of us could kick him to his feet; -Just blinked at my revolver, blearily; -Didn't appear to know a war was on, Or see the blasted trench at which he stared. 'I'll do 'em in,' he whined, 'if this hand's spared, I'll murder them, I will.' A low voice said, 'It's Blighty, p'raps, he sees; his pluck's all gone, Dreaming of all the valiant, that aren't dead(Quote by - Wilfred Owen)

Chance favors the prepared mind. (Quote by - Louis Pasteur)

Boldness is business is the first, second, and third thing. (Quote by - H. G. Bohn)

In great straits and when hope is small, the boldest counsels are the safest. (Quote by - Livy)

Luck is being ready for the chance. (Quote by - J. Frank Dobie)

He is a man of capacity who possesses considerable intellectual riches(Quote by - William Hazlitt)

Finite to fail, but infinite to venture. (Quote by - Emily Dickinson)

Buyers were faced with higher mortgage rates, increased inventory levels, and bold predictions of major price corrections last fall, prompting many to postpone their home search until after the first of the year. (Quote by - David Wluka)

He who finds Fortune on his side should go briskly ahead, for she is wont to favor the bold. (Quote by - Baltasar Gracian)

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