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Archie Andrews

Radio Show: Archie Andrews

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4512xx Christmas Shopping 
460727 Drugstore Mixup 
461019 Plumbing Woes 
470315 The Red Cross Benefit 
470809 Taking a Bath 
471213 Christmas Shopping 
480515 The Hiccups 
480612 Archie Fights a Cold 
480717 Mr Andrews Wallpaper 
480807 Suffering from the Heat 
480821 Going on a Picnic 
480904 The Big Dance 
480911 Borrows a Tire Jack 
480918 Archie's in Love 
481030 Halloween Party 
481214 Job at the Drugstore 
48xxxx - Dinner at a Restaurant 
490521 The New TV Set 
510603 The Economy Program 
A Good Night's Sleep 
ARCH450623 - Nazi POW in Riverdale 
ARCH451225 - Christmas Shopping 
ARCH460507 - Day at Camp 
ARCH460511 - Poison Candy 
ARCH460518 - Hip Talk 
ARCH460706 - Masked Marvel 
ARCH460713 - Stranded on Deserted Island 
ARCH460720 - The Hammock 
ARCH460727 - Drugstore Mixup 
ARCH461019 - Plumbing Woes 
ARCH470315 - The Red Cross Benefit 
ARCH470809 - Taking A Bath 
ARCH470909 - Dad's Bath 
ARCH471115 - Going to Bed Early 
ARCH471213 - Christmas Shopping 
ARCH480515 - The Hiccups 
ARCH480612 - Archie's Cold 
ARCH480710 - Getting Dressed for a Date 
ARCH480717 - Mr Andrews Wallpapers A Room 
ARCH480807 - Suffering From The Heat 
ARCH480821 - The Picnic 
ARCH480904 - The Big Dance 
ARCH480911 - Borrowing A Tire Jack 
ARCH480918 - Archie's In Love 
ARCH480925 - Free Movie Tickets 
ARCH481030 - Halloween Party 
ARCH481106 - Locked Out 
ARCH481113 - Going To Bed Early 
ARCH481120 - Guests Are Coming 
ARCH481127 - Laryngitis Ruins Dads Nap 
ARCH481214 - Job at the Drugstore 
ARCH48xxxx - Dinner at a Resturant 
ARCH490521 - Father Brings Home a Television 
ARCH490613 - Sunburned 
ARCH490713 - Mr. Andrews Sunburn 
ARCH490824 - Trying to Go Fishing 
ARCH491217 - Christmas Shopping 
ARCH510310 - Income Tax Troubles 
ARCH510520 - The Big Ballgame 
ARCH510527 - Babysitting 
ARCH510603 - The Economy Program 
Archie Andrews - Sun Burned 
ARCHxxxxxx - A Good Night's Sleep 
ARCHxxxxxx - Bankrupt Rumor 
ARCHxxxxxx - Fixing Flat Tire 
ARCHxxxxxx - Football Tickets 
ARCHxxxxxx - Helping Dad At The Office 
ARCHxxxxxx - Horseback Riding Lessons 
ARCHxxxxxx - Late For School 
ARCHxxxxxx - Too Hot To Sleep 

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