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A Date With Judy
A Life of Bliss
Adventures of Topper
Al Jolson Show
Alan Young Show
Aldrich Family
Alka Seltzer Time
Amos & Andy
Anderson Family
At Home with the Kirkwoods
Avalon Time
Baby Snooks
Baron Muchhausen
Behind The Mike
Bergen & McCarthy
Beyond Our Ken
Bickersons, The
Big Business Lark
Billy Bunter
Bing Crosby
Blue Ribbon
Bob & Ray
Bob Hope
Breakfast In Hollywood
Bright Star
Burkiss Way
Burns & Allen
Candid Microphone
Cavalcade Of America
Charlotte Greenwood
Clitheroe Kid, The
Club Car Special
Comic Parade
Comic Weekly Man
Command Performance
Compendium Cliche' Productions
Count Your Blessings
Cousin Willie
Curtain Time
Dad and Dave
Dad's Army
Danny Kaye Show
Date with Judy, A
December Bride
Dennis Day Show
Detectives Black and Blue
Double Feature
Down Our Way
Dr in the House
Duffy's Tavern
Easy Aces
Eb and Zeb
Eddie Bracken
Educating Archie
Embassy Lark
Fabulous Dr Tweedy
Family Doctor
Father Knows Best
Fibber McGee and Molly
First Nighter Program
Flywheel Shyster Flywheel
Frances Langford Show
Fred Allen Show
Fred Waring Show
Friar's Club
Friends and Neighbors
Garry Moore Show
Gasoline Alley
GI Journal
Gleason and Armstrong
Glenn Miller
Granby's Green Acre
Great Gildersleeve
Guest Star
Halls Of Ivy
Hancock's Half Hour
Harold Peary
Harold Peary Show
Harry James Show
Hogan's Daughter
Hollywood Barn Dance
I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again
It Pays to Be Ignorant
It's Higgins, Sir!
It's That Man Again
Jack and Jill
Jack Benny
Jack Webb
Jean Shepherd
Jerry Lester
Joan Davis
Joe E Brown
Johnson Family
Judy Canova
Junior Miss
Just a Minute
Kenneth Williams
Komedie Kapers
Komedy Kingdom
Laurel and Hardy
Leave It to Mike
Let's Listen to Spencer
Life Of Riley
Life With Dexter
Life With Luigi
Likely Lads
Lou Holtz Laugh Club
Lum And Abner
Mail Call
Maisie, The Adv of
Marriage Lines
Martin & Lewis
Marx Brothers
Mayor of the Town
Meet Corliss Archer
Meet Me at Parky's
Meet Millie
Meet Mr. McNutley
Meet the Meeks
Mel Blanc
Men from the Ministry
Merry Go Round
Milton Berle
Misadventures Of Si and Elmer
Moms Mabley
Moon Mullins
Mr & Mrs Blandings
Mr Feathers
Much Binding in the Marsh
My Favorite Husband
My Friend Irma
My Little Margie
My Son Jeep
Myrt and Marge
Navy Lark, The
Nebbs, The
Old Gold Comedy Theater
Our Miss Brooks
Ozzie and Harriet
Parsley Sidings
Pat O'Daniel and his Hillbilly Boys
Penny Singleton
Perry Como
Phil Harris & Alice Faye
Phone Again Finnegan
Pilgrim's Progress
Point Sublime
Read That Again
Red Skelton
Rogers of the Gazette
Round the Horne
Ruggles, The
Sad Sack
Shirley Temple Time
Spike Jones
Stan Freberg
Steve Allen Show
Story Lady, The
Take It From Here
Take It or Leave It
That Brewster Boy
That's Rich
The Hardy Family
The Nebbs
The Smiths of Hollywood
Those Mad Masters
Tooth Fairy
Vic and Sade
Victor Borge
Victory Theater
Voice in the Night, A
Will Hay
Yes, What

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