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My Friend Irma

Radio Show: My Friend Irma

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461119 - Audition Show 
470411 Irma Meets Jane 
470418 Irma Gives Rent Money 
470502 - Irma Is Convinced It's Jane's Birthday 
470516 Jane and Irma Lose Their Jobs 
470613 - Fur Coat 
470721 Piano Lessons for Junior 
471201 The Reward 
471208 The Eyes Have It 
471215 Dancing Fools 
471222 Christmas Party 
471229 - Gentlemen Prefer 
480105 - The Great Irma 
480112 The Lucky Couple Con 
480119 - The Book Crook 
480126 - The Lonely Hearts Club 
480202 - The Red Hand 
480209 - Billy Boy, the Boxer 
480216 The Professor's Concerto 
480223 It's All Relative 
480301 Fortunes Raised 
480308 Doubles Troubles 
480315 Buy or Sell 
480322 Election Connection 
480329 The Big Secret 
480405 Irma's Inheritance 
480419 Dinner Date 
480426 Manhattan Magazine 
480503 Acute Love Sickness 
480510 Bon Voyage 
480517 - Irma Wants to Join Club 
480524 - Aunt Harriet to Visit 
480607 - Irma And Jane Visit Coney Island 
480614 - Al And Irma Buy A Wedding Ring 
480621 - Planning a Vacation 
480628 - Irma and Jane See a Ghost 
480630 Irma and Jane See a Ghost 
480906 - Trip to Coney Island 
480913 - Irma's on a Budget 
481011 - Rhinelander Charity Ball 
481018 - Thanksgiving Dinner 
481206 - Irma Takes Piano Lessons 
481220 Irma's Christmas Party 
490103 - The Double Date 
490411 Piano Lessons for Irma 
490425 Irma is Fired 
490502 - Irma Reads A Mystery Book 
490509 - Venus De Milo Missing Arms 
50 Dollars for an Accident 
500206 - Monkey Business 
500529 - Fifty Dollar Loan 
510402 - Irma Decides Al Needs A Psychiatrist 
511223 - Christmas Show 
520106 - Irma Writes Her Memoirs 
520113 Cub Scout Speech 
520120 The Burgler 
520127 Psychological Tests 
520203 Newspaper Column 
520210 - Dictation System 
520217 Jane Quits Her Job 
520224 Lost Friendship Ring 
521118 - Mrs O'Reilly Gets Arrested [aka Caged Canary] 
530224 - Al's Youth Restorer 
530324 - Night School Homework & A Picnic 
530421 - Way To A Man's Heart [aka Irma Takes A Cooking Course] 
530428 - Irma Takes Up Yoga [aka Irma Improves Her Mind For Al] 
530505 - Irma Wants Older Man 
530519 - Irma's Brother Lectures 
530526 - Coronation Show [aka Irma Wins A Trip To England] 
530602 - Irma's Boss Buys A Race Horse 
530609 - The Martins' Fight [aka Mr. Martin Is Beating His Wife Again] 
530616 - Irma And Jane See a Ghost 
530623 - Irma Writes A Column 
530630 - Irma Buys An Air Conditioner 
531203 - Title Unknown 
Al Goes to a Psychiatrist 
Al is Selling Youth Restore 
Arrested Canary 
Birthday Date with an Older Man 
First Show 
Irma and Astrology 
Irma Buys an Air Conditioner 
Irma Improves Her Mind for Al 
Irma Takes a Cooking Course 
Irma Wins a $2000 Trip to UK 
Irma's Boss Buys a Race Horse 
Irma's Brother, A Lecturer 
Irma's New Fur Coat 
Mr Martin's Beating His Wife Again 
Night School Homework 
The Fake Fur Coat 
The Martins' Dog and a New Society 
Trip to Washington DC 
xxxxxx - Al Goes To A Psychiatrist 
xxxxxx - Birthday Date With An Older Man 
xxxxxx - Irma And Astrology 
xxxxxx - Irma Buys An Air Conditioner 
xxxxxx - Irma Goes to Night School 
xxxxxx - Irma Wins A $2000 Trip To England 
xxxxxx - Irma's Accident - Not in Log 
xxxxxx - Irma's Trip To Washington 
xxxxxx - Jane And Irma 
xxxxxx - The Martin's Dog and A New Society 

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