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My Favorite Husband

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42-01-25 Marriage License Error 
48-07-05 Meet Liz and George 
48-07-23 First Show 
48-08-06 The Portrait Painter 
48-08-06 The Portrait Painter 
48-08-13 Kissing Booth - Version 2 
48-08-13 The Charity Bazaar Kissing Booth 
48-08-20 Liz Teaches The Samba 
48-08-20 Liz Teaches The Samba 
48-09-03 Liz's Mother's Boyfr 
48-09-03 Liz's Mother's Boyfriend 
48-09-17 General Timberlake 
48-09-17 Making Friends W General Timberlake 
48-09-24 Baby Booties 
48-09-24 Knitting Baby Booties 
48-10-03 10th Wedding Anniversary 
48-10-03 Tenth Wedding Anniversary 
48-11-06 Katy and Roscoe 
48-11-06 Katy and Roscoe 
48-11-13 Learning to Drive 
48-11-13 Learning to Drive 
48-11-20 George Attends A Teenage Dance 
48-11-20 George Attends A Teenage Dance 
48-11-27 Is There A Baby In The House 
48-11-27 Is There A Baby In The House 
48-12-25 Numerology 
48-12-25 Numerology 
49-01-07 Over Budget 
49-01-07 Over Budget 
49-01-14 Piano Lessons 
49-01-14 Piano Lessons 
49-01-21 Marriage License Error 
49-01-21 Marriage License Error 
49-02-11 Valentines Day 
49-02-11 Valentines Day 
49-02-18 Secretary School 
49-02-18 Secretary School 
49-03-04 George's Mother Visits 
49-03-04 George's Mother Visits 
49-03-11 Charity Review 
49-03-11 Charity Review 
49-04-08 Gun Machine 
49-04-08 Gun Machine 
49-04-22 Liz Goes On A Schedule 
49-04-22 Time Budgeting 
49-04-29 Vacation Time 
49-04-29 Vacation Time 
49-05-20 Getting Old 
49-05-20 Getting Old 
49-05-27 Liz's Operation 
49-05-27 Liz's Operation 
49-06-17 The Law Suit 
49-06-17 The Law Suit 
49-06-24 Liz Changes Her Mind 
49-06-24 Liz Changes Her Mind 
49-07-01 Liz and George Reminisce 
49-07-01 Reminiscing 
49-09-02 Elves 
49-09-02 Elves 
49-09-16 The Girls Play Baseball 
49-09-16 The Girls Play Baseball 
49-09-23 Locked in the Attic 
49-09-23 Locked in the Attic 
49-10-07 George Tries for a Raise 
49-10-07 George Tries for a Raise 
49-10-14 Liz and George Order 
49-10-14 Liz and George Order TV Set 
49-11-18 Katy And Mr Negley 
49-11-18 Katy And Mr Negley 
49-12-02 College Homecoming 
49-12-02 College Homecoming 
49-12-09 French Lessons 
49-12-09 French Lessons 
50-01-13 Liz Teaches Iris To 
50-01-13 Liz Teaches Iris To Drive 
50-01-27 Liz Writes A Song 
50-01-27 Liz Writes A Song 
50-02-03 The Country Club Dan 
50-02-03 The Country Club Dance 
50-02-24 Liz Redecorates the 
50-02-24 Liz Redecorates the House 
50-03-05 Women's Rights Pt 1 
50-03-05 Women's Rights Pt1 
50-03-12 Women's Rights Pt 2 
50-03-12 Women's Rights Pt2 
50-03-26 Liz's Radio Script 
50-03-26 Liz's Radio Script 
50-04-09 Husband's Hobbies 
50-09-09 Gossip 
50-11-18 Liz Goes To Night School 
51-01-20 Liz Stretches The Truth 
55-03-26 Liz's Radio Script 
A Night Of Dancing 
Charity Bazaar 
Dancing Lessons 
Husbands' Hobbies 
Liz Goes to Business School 
Liz Goes to Night School 
Liz Has a Part in a Play 
Liz Has A Party 
Liz Learns To Swim 
Liz Stands Up For Her Rights 
Liz Takes Singing Lessons 
Liz Tries To Stop Exaggerating 
MFH420125 - Marriage License Error 
MFH480705 - Tenth Wedding Anniversary 
MFH480705 - The Cugat's Tenth Wedding Aud Anniversary 
MFH480723 - Literary Clubs Speaker Comes to Dinner 
MFH480806 - The Portrait Painter 
MFH480813 - The Charity Bazaar Kissing Booth 
MFH480820 - Liz Teaches the 
MFH480903 - Liz' Mother's Boyfriend 
MFH480917 - General Timberlake 
MFH480924 - Knitting Baby Booties 
MFH481002 - Young Matron League Tryouts 
MFH481009 - Young Matrons' League Game 
MFH481016 - Liz Sells Dresses 
MFH481023 - The Quiz Show 
MFH481106 - Katy And Roscoe 
MFH481113 - Learning To Drive 
MFH481120 - George Attends A Teen-age Dance 
MFH481127 - Is There A Baby In The House 
MFH481204 - Be Your Husband's Best Friend 
MFH481218 - Liz's New Dress 
MFH481225 - Numerology 
MFH490101 - Young Matrons League Tryouts 
MFH490107 - Over Budget 
MFH490114 - Piano And Violin Lessons 
MFH490121 - Marriage License Error 
MFH490128 - The Absolute Truth 
MFH490204 - Speech For Civic Organization 
MFH490211 - Valentine's Day 
MFH490218 - Secretarial School 
MFH490225 - Absentmindedness 
MFH490304 - George's Mother Visits 
MFH490311 - Charity Review 
MFH490401 - April Fool's Day 
MFH490408 - Gum Machine 
MFH490415 - Horseback Riding 
MFH490422 - Budgeting Time 
MFH490429 - Vacation Time 
MFH490506 - Overweight 
MFH490513 - Anniversary Presents 
MFH490520 - Getting Old 
MFH490527 - Liz In The Hospital 
MFH490610 - Hair Dyed 
MFH490617 - George Ruins An Neighbor's TV 
MFH490624 - Liz Changes Her Mind 
MFH490701 - Liz And George Reminisce 
MFH490902 - The Elves 
MFH490916 - Baseball 
MFH490923 - The Attic 
MFH490930 - Woman's Club Election 
MFH491007 - George Tries For A Raise 
MFH491014 - New Television 
MFH491021 - Superstition 
MFH491028 - Halloween Surprise Party 
MFH491104 - Mother-In-Law 
MFH491111 - Baby Sittiing 
MFH491118 - Katy And Mr Negley 
MFH491125 - The Quiz Show 
MFH491202 - No Official Title 
MFH491209 - The French Lessons 
MFH491216 - George's Christmas Present 
MFH491223 - The Sleigh Ride 
MFH491230 - Handcuffed 
MFH500106 - Is There Another Woman 
MFH500113 - Liz Teaches Iris to Drive 
MFH500120 - Liz and the Green Wig 
MFH500127 - Liz Writes A Song 
MFH500203 - Country Club Dance 
MFH500210 - Mrs. Coopers Boyfriend 
MFH500217 - Liz Teaches the Samba 
MFH500224 - Liz Redecorates 
MFH500303 - Women's Rights Part 1 
MFH500310 - Women's Rights Part 2 
MFH500317 - The Wills 
MFH500324 - Liz's Radio Script 
MFH500409 - Husband's Hobbies 
MFH500416 - Anniversary Rewrite - Coopers 
MFH500423 - The Friendship Award 
MFH500430 - Spring Cleaning 
MFH500514 - Numerology 
MFH500528 - Selling Dresses 
MFH500604 - George is Messy 
MFH500611 - Liz Learns To Swim 
MFH500618 - Be A Pal 
MFH500625 - Dancing Lessons 
MFH500902 - Old Clothes Sold to the Junkman 
MFH500909 - Gossip 
MFH500930 - Liz Changes Her Mind 
MFH501002 - Liz the Matchmaker 
MFH501007 - Liz Becomes A Sculptress 
MFH501014 - Liz Cooks Dinner For Twelve 
MFH501021 - Safety Drive 
MFH501028 - The Football Game 
MFH501118 - Bounces Checks and Takes a Math Class 
MFH501125 - Liz's Birthday 
MFH501202 - Trying To Marry Off Peggy Martin 
MFH501209 - Trying To Cash The Prize Check 
MFH501216 - Christmas Card Pictures 
MFH501223 - The Christmas Stag 
MFH501230 - Liz Has The Flimjabs 
MFH50xxxx - Treasurer of the Womens' Club 
MFH510106 - Liz Substitutes At A Club Play 
MFH510113 - The Cuckoo Clock 
MFH510120 - Liz Stretches The Truth 
MFH510127 - George Is Drafted - Liz's Baby 
MFH510203 - Liz Develops Inferiority Complex 
MFH510210 - The Black Eye 
MFH510224 - Decoy Ducks 
MFH510303 - The Passports 
MFH510310 - The Surprise Party 
MFH510324 - The Easter Outfit 
MFHxxxxxx - Liz Changes Her Mind 
MFHxxxxxx - Liz Promises to Stop Gossiping 
MFHxxxxxx - Liz Trys to Stop Exaggerating 
MFHxxxxxx - Singing Lessons 
MFHxxxxxx - The Raise 
MFHxxxxxx - Trying to Marry Off Peggy Martin 
my favorite husband _a nigh 
Pilot Episode 
The Maid's Boyfriend 
The Raise 
Tonsils Operation 

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