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It Pays to Be Ignorant

Radio Show: It Pays to Be Ignorant

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440207 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
440207 Watchdog Smaller in Daytime 
440512 Bad Luck to Postpone Wedding 
440512 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
440714 How Do You Keep Milk From Souring 
440818 What is an Optimist 
440822 What Is The Habitat 
440825 What is the Habitat 
440901 Dog on Sand Paper 
440908 How to Tell a Jersey 
440915 Best Way to Keep Your Bills Down 
440915 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
440922 Marriage Like Taking A Bath 
440929 Some People Eat With Their Knives 
441006 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
441006 People Eat Garlic 
441013 Married Men Live Longer 
441020 Chicken Cross the Street 
441027 Can a Letter Walk 
441103 What is a Swimming Pool 
441117 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
441124 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
441208 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
441208 What Kind of Person Lives The Longest 
441215 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
441229 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
450720 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
451021 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
451125 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
451207 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
460628 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
471205 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
480205 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
490123 It Pays To Be Ignorant 
520113 How Many Acres in a 50 Acre Farm 
IPTBI431004 - What is a Reigning Beauty 
IPTBI440110 - What Is A Cubist 
IPTBI440117 - What Is A Lornet 
IPTBI440207 - What Is A Bread Knife Used 
IPTBI440414 - What Is A Nightmare 
IPTBI440421 - How Do You Keep The Back Door From Slamming 
IPTBI440512 - Bad Luck to Postpone Wedding 
IPTBI440714 - How Do You Keep Milk From Souring 
IPTBI440818 - What is an Optimist 
IPTBI440825 - What is the Habitat ... 
IPTBI440901 - Dog on Sand Paper 
IPTBI440908 - How to Tell a Jersey Cow 
IPTBI440915 - Best Way to Keep Your Bills Down 
IPTBI440922 - Marriage Like Taking a Bath 
IPTBI440929 - Some People Eat With Knives 
IPTBI441006 - People Eat Garlic 
IPTBI441013 - Married Men Live Longer 
IPTBI441020 - Chicken Cross the Street 
IPTBI441027 - Can a Letter Walk 
IPTBI441103 - What is a Swimming Pool 
IPTBI441110 - Why do People Eat Garlic 
IPTBI441117 - Kissing Girl Like Bottle of Olives 
IPTBI441124 - When you Eat Garlic 
IPTBI441208 - What Kind of a Person Lives the Longest 
IPTBI441215 - What is a Duck 
IPTBI441222 - What Is A Blotter 
IPTBI441229 - New Years Resolution 
IPTBI450105 - What Do We Call The Inhabitants Of Egypt 
IPTBI450210 - What Do You Call A Man Unlucky In Love 
IPTBI450223 - What Is A Flirt 
IPTBI450323 - Why Is A Room Full Of Married People Empty 
IPTBI450427 - What Is A Detour 
IPTBI450512 - Is it Bad Luck To Postpone a Wedding 
IPTBI450525 - What Is Liberty 
IPTBI450601 - What Is A Shyster Lawyer 
IPTBI450622 - What Is A Female Bachelor 
IPTBI450629 - What Is The Difference Between a Married Man and a Bachelor 
IPTBI450706 - What Is A Bigamist 
IPTBI450720 - Rip Van Winkle 
IPTBI450727 - Who Was Rip Van Winkle 
IPTBI450804 - What Are Millionaires 
IPTBI450824 - What Is Etiquette 
IPTBI451005 - What Is A Window 
IPTBI451012 - What Is Alimony 
IPTBI451019 - What Is A Cowhide Used For 
IPTBI451021 - Watermelon a Vegetable 
IPTBI451125 - What is a Windowscreen 
IPTBI451130 - What Is A Russian Dancer 
IPTBI451207 - What is a Mother-in-law 
IPTBI451221 - Why Does the Subway Have to Raise the Fare 
IPTBI460104 - What Did The Baggy Pants Leg Say To The Other 
IPTBI460208 - What Is A Bargain Sale 
IPTBI460301 - What Is A Fox 
IPTBI460308 - What Happened In 1776 
IPTBI460517 - What Is A Nightclub 
IPTBI460628 - Bugs Go in Winter 
IPTBI460830 - What is a Bargain Sale 
IPTBI470124 - What is a misleading figure 
IPTBI470307 - What are women wearing in shoes this year 
IPTBI470328 - What is a Dentist 
IPTBI480205 - Guest Ralph Bellamy 
IPTBI481023 - Why Is A Man Like A Worm 
IPTBI481030 - What Is A Love Seat 
IPTBI490123 - Make a Woman Keep Her Mouth Shut 
IPTBI520106 - What is a Mother-in-Law Sandwich 
IPTBI520113 - What Happens When a Racetrack Gets Floode 
IPTBI521106 - What is a Mother-in-law Sandwich 
IPTBIxxxxxx - How Does A Stove Feel When Its Cold 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What does a bee get in flowers 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What Happened in 1776 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What Is a Bargan Sale 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What is a Cowhide Used For 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What Is A Fox 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What Is A Gentleman 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What is a Hospitable Dog 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What Is a Mother In Law 
IPTBIxxxxxx - What is a Revolver 
IPTBIxxxxxx - Why Are Women Like The Ocean 
IPTBIxxxxxx - Why Does The Subway Have To Raise The Fare 
IPTBIxxxxxx - Why Does this Episode Skip 

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