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Hopalong Cassidy

Radio Show: Hopalong Cassidy

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001 Dead Man's Hand 
002 Rainmaker of Eagle Nest 
005 Renegades of the San Rafael 
006 Phantom Bandido 
013 The Failure 
014 Bandits of Ridge Creek 
015 Killers of Sandy Gulch 
016 Red Death 
017 Coyote's Creed 
018 Bullets for Ballots 
019 Green Valley Pay-Off 
020 The Man Who Made Willy 
021 Range War 
022 Letter from the Grave 
023 Death Paints a Picture 
024 Border of Nowhere 
025 The Medicine Man 
027 The Sundown Kid 
028 Hoppy Sees Red 
029 Hoppy and the School Marm 
030 The King of Cinnabar 
031 The Shell Game 
032 Blood Money 
033 The Disappearing Deputy 
034 The Whistling Ghosts 
035 An Old Spanish Custom 
036 Secret of Martin Doom 
037 Four to Go 
038 Red Terror 
039 Hoppy and the Iron Horse 
040 Gunsmoke Rides the Stagecoach 
041 Tinker's Dam 
042 Hoppy Settles a Debt 
043 Hoppy Turns on the Heat 
044 Death Runs Dry 
045 Melody of Murder 
047 Hoppy Takes the Bull by the Horns 
048 Dead or Alive 
049 Mystery At Three Oaks 
050 Plague of Parson's Foll 
051 Mystery at the Diamond 
052 The Golden Lure 
053 Case of the Last Word 
054 Bad Medicine at Rimrock 
055 Frightened Town 
056 Killer in Black 
057 Coming Attraction, Murder 
058 Wet Beef and Dry Bones 
059 Black Grass Fever 
060 The Cold Country 
061 Buckshot Badman 
062 Boss of Vinegar Bend 
063 Land of the Gunhawks 
064 The Devil's Drum 
065 Hoppy Elects a Sheriff 
066 Peril at Pier 19 
067 Death Crosses the River 
068 Stagecoach West 
069 The Unwilling Outlaw 
070 Kidnapper's Trail 
071 Bandit of Blackton Bend 
072 Hook, Line and Murder 
073 The Phantom Panther 
074 Hoppy Plays a Hunch 
075 A Jailer Named Satan 
076 Man in the Yellow Mask 
078 Hoppy Meets His Match 
079 Apaches Don't Need Guns 
080 A Shot in the Dark 
081 Gunhawk Convention 
082 Gunfighter in Short Pan 
083 Songbird of Santa Fe 
084 Bayou Drums Mean Death 
085 Cleanup of Caribou Mesa 
086 Six Little Men Who Were 
087 Junior Badman 
089 Lawyer of Laredo 
090 Secret in the Hill 
091 Memory of Mace Melot 
092 Spider Woman 
093 Killers of Lion Canyon 
094 The Wastrels of Juarez 
095 Gambler's Luck 
096 Danger Wears Two Faces 
099 Bullfight 
100 Woman of Windy Ridge 
101 Right Rope, Wrong Neck 
102 Stampede at Sample Crossing 
103 Cowtown Troubleshooters 
104 Santa Claus Rustlers 
HOPC410811 - 
HOPC481116 - Death Paints a Picture 
HOPC500101 - The Dead Man's Hand 
HOPC500108 - The Rainmaker of Eagle Nest Mountain 
HOPC500115 - Coltsville Territory 
HOPC500122 - The Mystery of Skull Mountain 
HOPC500129 - Renegades of the San Rafael 
HOPC500205 - The Phantom Bandito 
HOPC500212 - Murder on the Trail 
HOPC500219 - Hoppy Takes a Chance 
HOPC500226 - Voice of the Dead 
HOPC500305 - Ten Strike Gold 
HOPC500312 - The Red Rock Mesa 
HOPC500319 - The Empty Saddle 
HOPC500326 - The Failure 
HOPC500402 - Bandits Of Ridge Creek 
HOPC500409 - Killers Of Sandy Gulch 
HOPC500416 - The Red Death 
HOPC500423 - Coyotes Creed 
HOPC500430 - Bullets For Ballots 
HOPC500507 - Green River Payoff 
HOPC500514 - Willy Whirl 
HOPC500521 - Range War 
HOPC500528 - Letter From The Grave 
HOPC500604 - Death Paints A Picture 
HOPC500611 - Border Of Nowhere 
HOPC500618 - The Medicine Man 
HOPC500625 - The Flying Outlaw 
HOPC500702 - Sundown Kid 
HOPC500709 - Hoppy Sees Red 
HOPC500716 - Hoppy and the School Marm 
HOPC500723 - King Of Cinnabar 
HOPC500730 - Shell Game 
HOPC500806 - Blood Money 
HOPC500813 - The Disappearing Deputy 
HOPC500820 - The Whistling Ghosts 
HOPC500827 - An Old Spanish Custom 
HOPC500903 - The Secret of Martin Doon 
HOPC500910 - Four to Go 
HOPC500917 - The Red Terror 
HOPC500924 - Hoppy and the Iron Horse 
HOPC500930 - Gunsmoke Rides the Stagecoach Trail 
HOPC501007 - Tinker's Dam 
HOPC501014 - Hoppy Pays a Debt 
HOPC501021 - Hoppy Turns on the Heat 
HOPC501028 - Death Runs Dry 
HOPC501104 - Melody of Murder 
HOPC501111 - The King of Spades 
HOPC501118 - Hoppy Takes the Bull by the Horns 
HOPC501125 - Dead or Alive 
HOPC501202 - The Mystery at Three Oaks 
HOPC501209 - The Plague of Parson's Folly 
HOPC501216 - The Mystery of the Diamond `Z' 
HOPC501230 - The Golden Lure 
HOPC510106 - The Case of the Last Word 
HOPC510113 - Bad Medicine at Rimrock 
HOPC510120 - The Frightened Town 
HOPC510127 - The Killer in Black 
HOPC510203 - Coming Attraction, Murder 
HOPC510210 - Wet Beef and Dry Bones 
HOPC510217 - The Black Grass Fever 
HOPC510224 - The Cold Country 
HOPC510303 - The Buckshot Badman 
HOPC510310 - Boss Of Vinegar Bend 
HOPC510317 - The Land of the Gunhawks 
HOPC510324 - The Devil's Drum 
HOPC510331 - Hoppy Elects a Sheriff 
HOPC510407 - Peril at Pier Nineteen 
HOPC510414 - Death Crosses the River 
HOPC510421 - Stagecoach West 
HOPC510428 - The Unwilling Outlaw 
HOPC510505 - The Kidnapper's Trail 
HOPC510512 - The Bandit of Blackton Bend 
HOPC510519 - Hook, Line and Murder 
HOPC510526 - The Phantom Panther 
HOPC510602 - Hoppy Plays a Hunch 
HOPC510609 - A Jailer Named Satan 
HOPC510616 - The Man in the Yellow Mask 
HOPC510623 - Run, Sheep, Run 
HOPC510630 - Hoppy Meets His Match 
HOPC510922 - Apaches Don't Need Guns 
HOPC510929 - A Shot in the Dark 
HOPC511006 - The Gunhawk Convention 
HOPC511013 - The Gunfighter in Short Pants 
HOPC511020 - The Songbird of Santa Fe 
HOPC511027 - Bayou Drums Mean Death 
HOPC511103 - Clean-Up of Caribou Mesa 
HOPC511110 - Six Little Men who Wore Green 
HOPC511117 - Junior Badman 
HOPC511124 - The Devil and El Diablo 
HOPC511201 - The Lawyer of Laredo 
HOPC511208 - Secret In The Hill 
HOPC511215 - The Memory of Mace Melot 
HOPC511222 - The Spider Woman 
HOPC511229 - Killers Of Lion Canyon 
HOPC520105 - The Westrels of Juarez 
HOPC520112 - Gambler's Luck 
HOPC520119 - Danger Wears Two Faces 
HOPC520126 - California or Bust 
HOPC520202 - Death Comes Invited 
HOPC520209 - The Bull Fight 
HOPC520216 - The Women of Windy Ridge 
HOPC520223 - Right Rope, Wrong Neck 
HOPC520301 - Stampede at Semole's Crossing 
HOPC520308 - Cowtown Trouble Shooters 
HOPC520315 - The Santa Claus Rustlers 

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