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Danny Kaye Show

Radio Show: Danny Kaye Show

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450106 First Show 
450113 The Story of His Life 
450120 Auction Sale 
450127 Kaye 
450127 Singing in the Bathtub 
450203 Back From Washington 
450210 Air Mail Letter 
450217 Teaching an Old Dog 
450224 Opening Night 
450303 King Danny, The Kaye of Brooklyn 
450303 Opening Night of Playhouse 
450310 Theater Performance 
450317 Uncle Dan's Cabin 
450324 Mystery of the Murdered Meatball 
450331 The Great Donivitch 
DKS450106 - [01] Eddie Cantor 
DKS450113 - [02] The Story of His Life 
DKS450120 - [03] Auction Sale 
DKS450127 - [04] Singing in the Bathtub 
DKS450203 - [05] Back From Washington 
DKS450210 - [06] Air Mail Letter 
DKS450217 - [07] Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks 
DKS450224 - [08] Opening Night 
DKS450303 - [09] Opening Night of Playhouse 
DKS450310 - [10] Theater Performance 
DKS450317 - [11] Accent-u-ate The Positive 
DKS450324 - [12] The Great Diamond Robbery 
DKS450331 - [13] The Great Donivitch Kayeoff 
DKS450407 - [14] Minnie The Moocher 
DKS450414 - [15] One Man's Irish Family 
DKS450511 - [19] Concerto For War Bonds 
DKS451006 - [xx] Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland Substitute 
DKS451026 - [27] Jack Benny Substitutes 
DKS460125 - [40] Court Of Human Relations 
DKS460215 - [43] Guest - Carmen Miranda 
DKS460301 - [45] The Wife of O'Riley 
DKSxxxxxx - [xx] King Danny, The Kaye of Brooklyn 

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