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Radio Show: Escape

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400313 Shipment of Mute Fate 
440918 Escape From Autumn 
470228 Out Of This World 
470321 Dead Of Night (Audition) 
470707 Man Who Would Be King 
470714 Operation Fleur-de-Lis 
470721 A Diamond As Big As The Ritz 
470728 Typhoon 
470804 Sire De Maletois Door 
470811 The Ring of Toth 
470818 The Fourth Man 
471001 The Most Dangerous Game 
471015 A Shipment of Mute Fate 
471022 Fall of the House of Usher 
471029 Pollack and the Parrah Man 
471105 Evening Primrose 
471112 The Suicide Club 
471112 Young Man With Cream 
471119 Casting The Runes 
471126 Country of the Blind 
471203 Taboo 
471210 Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge 
471217 Wild Oranges 
471224 Back for Christmas 
471231 Confession 
480109 Man Who Could Work Miracles 
480110 Second Class Passenger 
480117 Leiningen Vrs the Ants 
480124 Papa Benjamin 
480131 Three Good Witnesses 
480201 The Vanishing Lady 
480207 The Vanishing Lady 
480208 Snake Doctor (East Coast) 
480214 Snake Doctor (West Coast) 
480215 Ancient Sorceries (East Coast) 
480221 Ancient Sorceries (West Coast) 
480222 How Love Came To Professor Guildea 
480228 How Love Came To Professor Guildea 
480229 Grove Of Ashtaroth (East Coast) 
480307 Jimmy Goggles, The God 
480314 Log of the Evening Star 
480321 Misfortune Isle 
480328 A Shipment of Mute Fate 
480404 Action 
480411 The Brute 
480418 Drums of the Fore and Aft 
480425 The Fourth Man 
480502 John Jack Todd 
480509 The Time Machine 
480516 The Match 
480523 Leiningen Vrs the Ants 
480606 Beau Geste 
480620 Country Of The Blind 
480704 A Tooth for Paul Revere 
480711 She 
480718 Habit 
480801 The Man Who Would Be King 
480815 The Fugitive 
480822 S S San Pedro 
480829 The Diamond As Big As The Ritz 
480905 Dream of Armegeddon 
480912 Evening Primrose 
490212 The Lost Special 
490219 The Orient Express 
490226 Red Wine 
490305 Conquerer's Isle 
490312 He Who Rides The Tiger 
490319 Finger Of Doom 
490326 Adaptive Ultimate 
490327 The Diamond As Big As The Ritz 
490402 Confidential Agent 
490409 When The Man Comes, Follow Him 
490416 General Died at Dawn 
490423 The Great Impersonation 
490707 The Fourth Man 
490714 The Drums Of The For and Aft 
490721 Action 
490728 Second Class Passenger 
490804 Leiningen Vs The Ant 
490811 Red Wine 
490818 Snake Doctor 
490825 Evening Primrose 
490921 The Fortune of Vargas 
490928 Wild Oranges 
491015 The Sure Thing 
491022 Night in Havana 
491101 Flood on the Goodwin 
491108 Plunder of the Sun 
491115 Three Skeleton Key 
491122 Maracas 
491129 Letter From Jason 
491206 Command 
491213 Border Town 
491220 Figure a Dame 
491227 Seeds of Greed 
500103 The Pistol 
500110 Vanishing Lady 
500117 Sure Thing 
500124 Treasure Incorporate 
500131 Present Tense 
500207 The Outer Limit 
500214 Two if By Sea 
500221 The Red Mark 
500228 The Man Who Won the War 
500310 Port Royal 
500317 Three Skeleton Key 
500324 Danger at Matacomba 
500331 Green Splotches 
500407 Ambassador of Poker 
500414 The Golden Snake 
500421 The Shanghai Document 
500428 Something for Nothing 
500505 Man Who Stole the Bible 
500512 The Rim of Terror 
500519 Pass to Berlin 
500526 Command 
500602 Mars Is Heaven 
500616 Serenade for a Cobra 
500623 Sundown 
500630 Blood Bath 
500707 Shipment Of Mute Fate 
500714 Shark Bait 
500721 Yellow Wake 
500728 Poison 
500804 Two Came Back 
500811 Red Forest 
500818 The Footprint 
500825 Crossing Paris 
501006 A Sleeping Draught 
501013 Roulette 
501020 The Power Of Hammer 
501027 The Time Machinee 
501029 Seven Hours To Freedom 
501100 Journey into Fear 
501103 Seven Hours To Freedom 
501105 Earth Abides (Part 1) 
501112 Earth Abides (Part 2) 
501119 Journey Into Fear 
501126 Funeral Fires 
501203 This Side of Nowhere 
501210 A Passenger to Bali 
501217 Wild Jack Rett 
501224 The Cave 
501231 Man Who Could Work Miracles 
510107 The Conquest 
510114 A Bullet For Mr Smith 
510216 The Killer Mine 
510223 The Follower 
510711 The Island 
510718 Macao 
510725 Earthman 
510801 The Gladiator 
510808 Up Periscope 
510815 Rough Shoot 
510822 The Silent Horror 
510830 Man Who Stole the Bible 
521012 Gringo 
521019 The Price of the Head 
521026 Robert Of Huntington 
521102 The Running Man 
521109 The Return 
521116 The Loup-Garon 
521207 Incident at Quito 
521214 Four Went Home 
521221 The Man Who Liked Dickens 
530111 Conqueror's Isle 
530118 A Matter Of Conscien 
530125 Diary Of A Madman 
530201 A Study In Wax 
530208 Jetsam 
530215 Wild Jack Rhett 
530222 I Saw Myself Running 
530301 The Tramp 
530315 The Man With Steel Teeth 
530322 Pressure 
530329 The Invader 
530405 A Sleeping Draught 
530412 Classified Secret 
530426 The Derelict 
5304XX El Guitarero 
530503 Lily And The Colonel 
530510 The Vessel of Wrath 
530517 North of Polaris 
530531 A Good Thing 
530607 The Voyages Of Sinbad 
530614 Clear for Action 
530621 The Far-Away Island 
530705 A Source of Irritation 
530712 The Out Station 
530719 The Open Boat 
530726 The Notebook 
530802 The Red Forest 
530809 Three Skeleton Key 
530816 The Thirteenth Truck 
530823 The Man From Tomorrow 
530839 The Game 
530906 Train from Obliefiel 
530913 The Abominable Snowman 
530920 The Log 
530927 The Untouchable 
531004 Zero Hour 
531011 Elementals 
540311 The Bird of Paradise 
540318 Violent Night 
540325 The Second Shot 
540408 The Scarlet Plague 
540415 Affair at Mandrake 
540506 The Adversary 
540603 The Ordinary Man 
540610 Benchilina and the Fisherman 
540617 Blood Waters 
540624 Judgment Day At Cripple Deer Hall Of Fantasy 
540701 The Dark Wall 
540710 The Birds 
540717 Eye of Evil 
540724 Flood on the Goodwin 
540731 Night of the Guns 
540807 The Price Of The Head 
540814 The Coward 
540821 Two and Two Make Four 
540828 The King of Owanatu 
540904 The Boiling Sea 
540911 Carnival in Vienna 
540918 The Targete 
540920 The Log 
540925 The Heart of Kali 
540927 The Untouchable 
601022 The Time Machine 
Dangerous Game 
Gold Claim At Rawhide Flats 
Young Man With Cream Tarts 

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