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World War II Shows

Radio Show: World War II Shows

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370506 Hindenberg Disaster 
380304 Russia And Germany 
380828 Berlin before Invasion 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 002 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 003 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 004 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 005 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 006 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 007 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 008 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 009 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 010 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 011 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 012 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 013 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 014 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 015 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 016 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast 018 
39.09.21 Complete Broadcast017 
390000 Various Items 
390308 Gas Mask Drill 
390827 Hitler's Demands 
390828 Dorothy Thompson 
390901 Evacuation of London 
390902 Chamberlain Declares War 
390903 Chamberlain Declaration of War 
390907 from Berlin William Shirer 
390910 - Evacuee Message To Parents 
391013 - Princess Eliz Age 14 
391015 - By A French Road 
391111 - Queen Eliz Fort Women 
391218 - Sinking of Graf Spee 
391221 Good News of 1940 
3912xx Sumner Welles Visits 
400100 Alf Landon speaks 
400200 Rep. James E Van Zandt 
400227 Lord Haw Haw, Wm Joyce 
400300 Senator Arthur Kapper of Kansas 
400400 Sen. David I. Walsh 
400409-Invasion Denmark Norway 
400500 William R. Castle 
400508 Murrow No Conf Debate 
400510 Chamberlain Resigns 
400511 with Elmer Davis 
400513 Advance Into Belgium 
400514 Attempt To Stop German Advance Into Antwerp 
400519 Churchill 1st PM Speech 
400531 Evacuated Troops 
4005xx German Report on Advance In West 
4005xx Reports on Germans Reaching the Atlantic. 
400600 Senator Edwin C. Johnson 
400603 with Elmer Davis 
400605 Priestly on Dunkirk 
400618 Churchill Finest Hour 
400620 with Elmer Davis 
400621 French Surrender 
4006xx Senator Taft Speaks 
400700 Boake Carter 
400714 Dogfight Over Channel 
400824 Murrow On Blackout 
400915 BBC Alvar Liddell Reports 175 German Aircraft Destroyed 
400920 During Blitz Edward Murrow 
401000 Emergency Services During Blitz 
401005 Robin Duff Air Raid Shelter 
401115 Attempt To Save Coventry Catholics 
401220 London Burning 
401231 Message to Firemen 
410100 Col. Sanford McKnigh 
410105 Bruce Belfrage 
410110 Alan Howland 
410200x Sen. Burton K. Wheeler 
410300 Sen. Burton K. Wheeler 
410400 Messages From the Public 
410523 Charles Lindbergh Speaks At MSG Against US Entry In To The War 
410524 Sinking HMS Hood 
410531 Sinking of Bismarck 
410600 John B. Hughes - Comment on Invasion of Russia 
410622 Guttersnipe Invades Russia 
4108xx Wise Williams - News 
410905 Frank Phillips 
410908 Air Raid On Berlin 
411111 Two American Legion 
411207 S. Marlowe, ,R.D. Bennett Pearl Harbor 
411208 FDR Requests Congress Declare War On The Japanese 
411211 March of Time Pearl Harbor 
411226 Churchill Address To Congress In Washington 
420214 This Is War 
420604 Battle Of Midway 
420615 Last Days Singapore 
420817 Saving Fuel 
421000 Monty To Troops El Alamein 
421101 Tanks El Alemein 
421104 Bruce Bellfrage Exc New 
421207 One Year After Pearl Harbor 
421219 Christmas 8th Army 
421226 Radio Dr Advice For Xmas 
430209 Stalingrad 
430418 Gabriel Heater 
430513 German Surrender North Africa 
430622 Invasion Of Sicily 
430725 Mussolini Resigns 
430728 FDR speech 
430817 Patton Enters Messines 
430822 Town Band In Lentini 
430903 In Lancaster Over Berlin 
431013 BBC Italy At War With Germany 
431203 Bombing Run - Edward Murrow 
431206 Great Powers Tehran 
43xxxx Wartime Announcement 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 002 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 003 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 004 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 005 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 006 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 007 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 008 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 009 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 010 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 011 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 012 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 013 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 014 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 015 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 016 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 017 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 018 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 019 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 020 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 021 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 022 
44.06.06 Complete Broadcast 023 
440126 Anzio 
440326 Churchill Allied Victory 
440420 Springtime Anzio 
440517 In Monte Casino 
440603 Duff On Sealed Ship 
440604 Build Up To D Day 
440605 Airborne Troops 
440606 D Day Has Come 
440607 D-Day Kalmer, Quin 
440608 French Civilians 
440614 Hermanville Church Bells 
440617 Gillard Takes Cover 
440708 Bombing Of Caen 
440825 Paris Liberated 
440826 Snipers Fire DeGaulle 
440917 Invasion Holland 
441100 Russel Interviews Bombing Victim 
441218 Ardennes Withdrawal 
441224 BBC Lord Mountbatten - We Are Not The Forgotten Front 
44xxxx Wilmott On Road To Brussels 
45.xx.xx Americans Cross The 
450219 Iwo Jima 
450308 Americans Over Rhine 
450311 Chester Wilmot 
450321 General Slim Mandalay 
450324 In Halifax Tow Plane 
450325 Maxted Wounded On Glider 
450328 Stuart Mcpherson 
450331 Edward Ward 
450408 Richard Dimbleby 
450419 In Belsen 
450423 Edward Ward (Celebrating) 
450424 Wynford Vaughan Thomas 
450425 Gillard At Torgau-Elbe 
450427 NBC Special Broadcast 
450428 Released American POWs 
450429 Jurgens Journal 
450430 Scanning Radio Dial 
450431 Robert Reid 
4504xx Berlin Has Fallen 
450501 Hitler Is Dead 
450503 Truman Wish FDR Lived 
450504 Monty HQ Await Surrender 
450505 BBC Radio Newsreel 
450507 Announces VE Day 
450508 VE Day Gabriel Heater 
450509 Thomas Cadett 
450519-M Halton In Holland 
4505xx Announces Fall of Berlin 
4505xx Lord Haw Haw delivers his last broadcast as Allied troops overwhelm the city of Hamburg 
4505xx Takeover of Station Hamburg 
4506xx Fiorello LaGuardia Press Conference 
450806 VJ Day Reports 
450808 Captain Witnesses Bomb Drop 
450813 VJ Day Gabriel Heater 
450814 End of the War 
450815 Crowds Celebrate VJ Day 
450901-McArthur Holy Mission 
451104-Building Burma Railway 
45xxxx Churchill Speaks At Big Party 
461016 Nuremberg Executions 
Berlin Has Fallen 
CBS D-Day 002 
CBS D-Day 003 
CBS D-Day 004 
CBS D-Day 005 
CBS D-Day 006 
CBS D-Day 007 
CBS D-Day 008 
CBS D-Day 009 
CBS D-Day 010 
CBS D-Day 011 
CBS D-Day 012 
CBS D-Day 013 
CBS D-Day 014 
CBS D-Day 015 
CBS D-Day 016 
CBS D-Day 017 
CBS D-Day 018 
CBS D-Day 019 
CBS D-Day 020 
CBS D-Day 021 
CBS D-Day 022 
CBS D-Day 023 
CBS D-Day 024 
Charles Lindbergh - Address 
End of War 01 
End of War 02 
End of War 03 
End of War 04 
End of War 05 
End of War 06 
Eurnew 1b 
Eurnew 1c 
Eurnew 1d 
Eurnew 2a 
Eurnew 2b 
Eurnew 2c 
Eurnew 2d 
Eurnew 3a 
Eurnew 3b 
Eurnew 3c 
Eurnew 3d 
Fc390528 Memorial Day 
Fc390604 Personal Attacks 
Fc390618 America For Americans 
Fc390924 Cash And Carry III 
Fc391001 Cash And Carry IV 
Fc391008 Cash And Carry V 
Fc391022 Warns Of Dictators 
Fc391029 Do Not Lift Embargo 
FC391231 Review Of Past 10 Years 
FC400107 Concerns To The Christian Family 
FC400121 I Take My Stand 
FC400128 Discussing A Christian Front 
FC400204 No Father C - Announcements 
FC400211 The Church And The Social Order 
FC400218 Will Politicians Be Courageous 
FC400225 A Revival Of George Washington 
FC400310 Christ's Passion And Death 
FC400317 The Cross And It's Victims Sufferings 
FC400407 Bonds Federal Reserve Bank 
FC400414 More Bonds 
FC430340 Communism Accepts Religion 
FL400207 Congressional Show 
FL400709 Roosevelt Holds a News Conference 
FL401016 Willkie Holds a News Conference 
FL401023 Election Trends in Pennsylvania 
FL401030 New York Welcomes Willkie 
FL401106 Election Over at Last 
FL4108xx Frank Blair Sitting In For Lewis 
FL420723 Fight in Congress 
FL420724 Louisiana Shipbuilding Contract Cancelled 
FL420725 Synthetic Rubber Bill Passes 
FL420729 Upholds Sentence of Nazi Saboteurs 
FL420730 Henry J. Kaiser Proposes Cargo Plane 
FL420804 Conversion to Cargo Planes Being Considered 
FL420805 War Labor Board Stabilizes Wages 
FL420917 US Sinking Japanese Surface Vessels 
FL42XXXX Big Tax Increase Passed 
Last Broadcasts of ABSIE 01 
Last Broadcasts of ABSIE 02 
Last Broadcasts of ABSIE 03 
Misc 01a 
Misc 01b 
Misc 01c 
Misc 01d 
Misc 02a 
Misc 02b 
Misc 02c 
Misc 02d 

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