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Soldiers of the Press

Radio Show: Soldiers of the Press

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01 Henry T Garrell Over Navareno Bay 
02 Bob C Miller at Guadalca 
03 Richard D McMillon 
04 Joe J Custer with Battle Fleet 
05 Leo Disher's Heroism In Oran 
06 Bob Bellaire Intern in the Tokyo POW Camps 
07 William Tyree With the Pacific Fleet 
08 08 Frank Hewlett's Story of the Fall of Bataan 
09 Ned Russell The Siege of Stuka Acres 
10 Bombers Over Hifong 
SOTP421109 - [001] Henry Gorrell. Bombing Of Navareno Bay 
SOTP421116 - [002] Robert Miller. The Men at Guadalcanal 
SOTP421123 - [003] Richard Mcmillan. North Africa 
SOTP421130 - [004] Joe James. Custer With Battle Fleet 
SOTP421207 - [005] Leo Disher. Heroism In Oran 
SOTP421214 - [006] RobertT Bellaire. Japanese Prisoners 
SOTP421221 - [007] William Tyree. The Pacific Theater 
SOTP421228 - [008] Frank Hewlett. Fall Of Bataan 
SOTP430104 - [009] Ned Russell.The Seige of Stuka Acres 
SOTP430111 - [010] Robert P Martin. Bombers Over Haiphong 
SOTP430222 - [016] Leo Disher. A Letter to Mrs Marshall 
SOTP430301 - [017] Robert Miller. A Son of Bushido 
SOTP430509 - [027] Walter Cronkite. Dry Martini 
SOTP430516 - [028] Robert Vermillion. Atlantic Convoy 
SOTP430523 - [029] Clinton B Conger. Night Patrol 
SOTP430919 - [046] Russell Annabel. Kiska Mission 
SOTP431128 - [056] George Palmer. Torpedo 
SOTP431205 - [057] Reynolds Packard. Battle Boomerang 
SOTP431226 - [060] Richard Johnson. Leathernecks at Tarawa 
SOTP440102 - [061] Reynolds Packard. Phantom Enemy 
SOTP440430 - [078] Frank Hewlett. Merrills Raiders 
SOTP440507 - [079] Robert Vermillion. Anzio Diary 
SOTP440625 - [086] Virgil Pinkney. Invasion 
SOTP440702 - [087] Robert Vermillion. The Road to Rome 
SOTP440917 - [098] Joan Younger. The Return of the Soldier 
SOTP440924 - [099] Robert Vermillion. The Paratroopers 
SOTP441112 - [106] Boyd Lewis. The Ghost Goes To War 
SOTP441119 - [107] Henry Gorrell. Hour of Decision 
SOTP441203 - [109] Leo Disher. Drama in the Air 
SOTP441224 - [112] Mac Johnson. Target Tokyo 
SOTP441231 - [113] Henry Gorrell. Christmas Greetings 
SOTP450204 - [118] Ralph Teasworth. Communique168 
SOTP450218 - [120] Walter Cronkite. Symbol of Caduceus 
SOTP450325 - [125] Walter Cronkite. Grease Monkey 
SOTP450415 - [128] Doris Johnstone. Hide Out 
SOTP450422 - [129] Ann Stringer. Bravest Men in the Army 
SOTP450610 - [136] Boyd Lewis. Victory in the West 
SOTP450617 - [137] Eddie Beattie. Prisoner of War 
SOTPxxxxxx - [xxx] John McDermott. A Face to Remember 
SOTPxxxxxx - [xxx] Rober L Frey. The Paratroopers Different from 99 

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