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Lets Pretend

Radio Show: Lets Pretend

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410419 - The Juniper Tree 
420822 - Why the Sea Is Salty 
420829 - Little Mermaid, The 
420905 - Elves and The Shoemaker, The 
420912 - Water of Life, The 
421219 - Prince Gigi and the Magic Ring 
421226 - House of The World 
430123 - The Golden Touch 
430320 - Princess Moonbeam 
440305 - The Frog Prince 
460608 - Snow White and Rose Red 
460727 - The Yellow Dwarf 
460803 - The Goose Girl 
460810 - Faithful John 
460921 - Beauty and the Beast 
461026 - Jack and the Beanstalk 
461102 - Puss and Boots 
470330 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp 
470607 - The Six Swans 
470621 Bluebeard 
470628 - Thumbelina 
470705 - Brother and Sister 
470712 - The Brave Little Tailor 
470719 - Rapunzel 
470726 The Chinese Nightingale 
470816 - Youth Who 
470823 - Melilot 
470830 - Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp 
470906 The Twelve Monks 
470913 - The Donkey, The Table and The Stick 
470920 The Enchanted Frog 
470927 Cinderella 
490403 The Princess and the Pea 
490416 Snowdrop and the Seven Dwarfs 
490709 or 520511 Tinder Box 
520816 The White Cat 
521129 One Eye. Two Eyes, Three Eyes 
521213 - Snow Queen 
521220 - Twas the Night Before Christmas 
521227 - The Husband Who Was To Mind The House 
530207 - Two Dancing Princesses 
530611 - Cinderella 
530618 - The Emperor's New Clothes 
531128 Ceres And Proserpina 
531212 Snow Queen 
531219 Night Before Christmas 
540109 Robin Hood 
540410 - The Magic Cuckoo 
540605 - Beauty and the Beast 
540619 - Andine 
540719 - Rapunzel 
540918 - Rapunzel 
540925 - Dick Wittington and His Cat 
541002 - King Arthur's Son 
541009 - Hansel and Gretel 
541023 Jorinda and Joringal 
Douban the Physician 
Jack and the Beanstalk 
King Arthur's Sword 
King Midas and the Golden Touch Illustration 
King Thrushbeard 
Let's Pretend - Hansel and Gretel 
Puss and Boots 
Six Swans 
Sleeping Beauty 
The Emperor's New Clothes 
The Frog Prince 
The Golden Fleece 
The Goose Girl 
The Juniper Tree 
The Magic Carpet 
The Story of Faithful John 
The Yellow Dwarf 
xxxxxx - Alice in Wonderland 
xxxxxx - Dick Wittington and His Cat 
xxxxxx - Douban the Physician 
xxxxxx - Gulliver's Travels 
xxxxxx - Jason and the Golden Fleece 
xxxxxx - King Midas and the Golden Touch 
xxxxxx - King Thrushbeard 
xxxxxx - Man On The Corn [BBC] 
xxxxxx - Pinocchio 
xxxxxx - Sleeping Beauty 
xxxxxx - The Bremen Town Musicians 
xxxxxx - The Emperor's New Clothes 
xxxxxx - The Gingerbread Man 
xxxxxx - The Golden Fleece 
xxxxxx - The Magic Carpet 
xxxxxx - The Ugly Duckling 
xxxxxx - Tubby the Tuba 
xxxxxx - Uncle Bill Interview 

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