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Ford Show Ford Theater

Radio Show: Ford Show Ford Theater

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461016 Guest Lilly Ponds 
461106 Guest William Bendix 
461127 Guest Dennis Day 
461204 Guest Gene Kelly 
470101 Guest Garry Moore 
470212 Guest Johnny Mercer 
470319 Guest Ralph Edwards 
470326 Guests Norris Goff 
470402 Guest Carmen Miranda 
471116 Carmen Jones 
480104 The Adventures of a Bad Boy 
480111 Storm in a Teacup 
480113 Girl Crazy 
480201 The Green Pastures 
480321 It's a Gift 
480509 The Front Page 
480516 Counselor-at-Law 
480523 A Star is Born 
480530 Laura 
480613 My Sister Eileen 
480620 The Late Christopher 
480627 Arrowsmith 
481015 Double Indemnity 
490304 The Horn Blows at Midnight 
490401 Wuthering Heights 
FORD471005 - Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Ct 
FORD471102 - Ah, Wilderness 
FORD471116 - Carmen Jones 
FORD471221 - The Man Who Played God 
FORD471228 - Father, Dear Father 
FORD480104 - Adventures of the Bad Boy 
FORD480111 - Storm in a Teacup 
FORD480113 - Girl Crazy - Rehearsal 
FORD480118 - Girl Crazy 
FORD480201 - The Green Pastures 
FORD480208 - Abe Lincoln in Il 
FORD480321 - It's A Gift 
FORD480418 - The Silver Cord 
FORD480509 - The Front Page 
FORD480516 - Counselor-at-Law 
FORD480523 - A Star Is Born 
FORD480530 - Laura 
FORD480606 - Michael an 
FORD480613 - My Sister Eileen 
FORD480620 - The Late Christopher Bean 
FORD480627 - Arrowsmith 
FORD481008 - Madam Bovary 
FORD481015 - Double Indemnity 
FORD481029 - Of Human Bondage 
FORD490121 - Anna Christie 
FORD490218 - Shadow of a Doubt 
FORD490304 - The Horn Blows at Midnight 
FORD490401 - Wuthering Heights 
FORD490624 - A Farewell to Arms 

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