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Over the long run we're going to have pretty significant amounts of beetle activity. (Quote by - Tom Eager)

SCARABAEUS, n. The sacred beetle of the ancient Egyptians, allied to our familiar "tumble-bug." It was supposed to symbolize immortality, the fact that God knew why giving it its peculiar sanctity. Its habit of incubating its eggs in a ball of ordure may also have commended it to the favor of the priesthood, and may some day assure it an equal reverence among ourselves. True, the American beetle is an inferior beetle, but the American priest is an inferior priest. (Quote by - Ambrose Bierce)

She got out of tech stocks a year ago and bought a new Beetle, .. She paid cash for it, and now she's looking at a PT Cruiser. (Quote by - Art Spinella)

Summit County had a wildfire problem before the beetle, we certainly have a significant problem with the beetle right now and we're going to have one after the beetle disappears. (Quote by - Jeff Berino)

The beetles are native, so they've always been around causing a little mortality, and that's kind of a good thing. But when certain things happen, like the drought and fire, the population of the beetles builds up and it gives them the ability to move into healthy trees. (Quote by - Amanda Milburn)

The beetles don't cause damage because they utilize already existing openings, such as the cracks of housing windows and doors. (Quote by - Phil Nixon)

The fact that it's such an aggressive beetle toward mango crops, and South Florida is the No. 1 mango growing area in the United States, we were very lucky to catch this. (Quote by - Jennifer Connors)

The new Beetle cannot deny its origin and the magic of its shape, .. We believe the new Beetle is not just another car. (Quote by - Ferdinand Piech)

The new Beetle never would have gotten approved for production if it hadn't gotten rave reviews at the (Detroit) show from the public and the press, which stopped in its tracks when they saw it. That message quickly got back to Volkswagen that people thought it was cool and wanted VW to build it. (Quote by - Jim Hossack)

The premier struck his MLA committee on the pine beetle in the fall of 2001, and that committee deemed the infestation a catastrophic event that demanded immediate attention. Here we are in the fall of 2005 and the Campbell Liberals are just beginning to implement a plan. (Quote by - Bob Simpson)

The principal motivation was to find a way to deal with all the beetle-kill trees and reduce fuel-loading in the forest. Our study showed it looked feasible from a technical as well as an economic viewpoint. (Quote by - Steve Hill)

The sense of death is most in apprehension; And the poor beetle, that we tread upon, In corporal sufferance finds a pang as great As when a giant dies. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

The timber sale is a part of Custer State Park's ongoing forest management program, .. Much of the emphasis on the forest management in the Needles area of the park is focused on overall forest health. The timber sale is aimed at reducing forest density, which is very high in this area of the park. Currently, mountain pine beetle is active in the area and reduced forest stand density will help prevent epidemic levels of mountain pine beetle. Lower stand densities will also protect against catastrophic damage from wildfire. (Quote by - William Hill)

They use terms like 'outbreak' and 'epidemic,' a value-laden term that carries the implication that it (the beetle spread) shouldn't be happening, and we should be rid of it, when in fact, it's a natural process that the forest is not only adapted to, but needs in order to maintain itself through time. (Quote by - Sloan Shoemaker)

This is without a doubt the most significant natural disaster to ever hit British Columbia's forests. We expect that by 2013, about 80 per cent of our mature natural pine will have been infested by the mountain pine beetle, .. This requires all of us to take unprecedented actions and to think in unprecedented ways. (Quote by - Gordon Campbell)

Those are the closest beetles nearest the project site. (Quote by - Mark Stark)

Those trees need a lot more space around them to thrive and combat the mountain pine beetle. (Quote by - Ellen Goheen)

To apprehend thus Draws us a profit from all things we see, And often, to our comfort, shall we find The sharded beetle in a safer hold Than is the full-winged eagle. (Quote by - William Shakespeare)

Volkswagen customers want a relationship with their cars. Names like The Thing, Beetle, Fox, and Rabbit support this. (Quote by - Kerri Martin)

We are seeing this pine beetle do things that have never been recorded before. They are attacking younger trees and attacking timber in altitudes they have never been before. (Quote by - Michael Pelchat)

We have a real concern about the mountain pine beetle spreading across the Rockies, into Alberta and into the Northern Shield,. (Quote by - Rich Coleman)

We only take the sick trees, the ones who are attacked by the white beetles, you will not see clear cutting here. (Quote by - Raul Sanchez)

We're sort of superstitious now. The albums that had the beetle on it did better than the ones that didn't. It's with us. It's part of our allure. (Quote by - Jonathan Cain)

When a blind beetle crawls over the surface of the globe, he doesn't realize that the track he has covered is curved. I was lucky enough to have spotted it. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

Without guilt / What is a man? An animal, isn't he? / A wolf forgiven at his meat, / A beetle innocent in his copulation. (Quote by - Archibald MacLeish)

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