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  Would you rather questions Survey

1. Go out with your wife or your girlfriend?

 Wife     Girlfriend   

2. Buy a new car or buy a new house?

 New car     New house   

3. Donate money or buy new shoes?

 Donate money     buy new shoes   

4. Are you funny?

 Yes     No   

5. Are you cute?

 Yes     No   

6. Be able to play an instrument or be a star for nothing?

 Play an instrument     Be a star for nothing   

7. Not be able to watch your favorite movie or not be able to watch your favorite show?

 Yes     No   

8. Not be able to eat chocolate or not be able to drink coke?

 Eat chocolate     Drink coke   

9. Launch a website or be a ceo of a company?

 Launch a website     Be a ceo of a company