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  Random Survey

1. Do you have a Phobia?

 Yes     No   

2. Do you like Pizza?

 Yes     No   

3. Isnt Hot Sauce Gross? I'm Sure You will Say no.

 Yes     No   

4. Want to play This or That?

 This     That   

5. Jump out the Window or Eat a Bowl of Lizard Guts?

 Window     Lizard Guts   

6. Drink a Cup of Pee,Blood & Spit Or Eat Fecies?

 Blood & Spit     Eat Fecies   

7. Talk about Being Bi or Gay/Lesbian?

 Being Bi     Gay/Lesbian   

8. Ruin a famous person wedding or Have sex with a Cop?

 wedding     sex with a Cop   

9. Get presents or Give presents?

 Get presents     Give present