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  Do you look older than your age?

1. Do children call you uncle/aunt?

 Yes     No   

2. Do you smoke more than one cigarette pack in a day?

 Yes     No   

3. Do you wear clothes, which were fashionable twenty years back?

 Maybe, who cares though.     Not at all.   

4. Look in the mirror. Your eyes look

 Bright and twinkling.     Tired and dark circles around   

5. If you ask someone to guess your age, he/she

 Come fairly close to my age. An year here and there.     Adds at least ten years to my age. He/she has no sense.   

6. If you go to a cosmetics shop, the salesperson immediately tells you about

 The latest shampoos.     Anti-aging creams.   

7. Do you slouch and walk? Do you do things rather slowly?

 Not at all.     Sometimes.